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  1. I have experienced the same issue. Trying to join a friends game I get the loading page, then sky for a brief second, back to the loading page where it then proceeds to freeze until it times out and brings me to the single player saves menu. Me and my friend tried every possible way to join together in any world including from steam profile, chat pull down menu, chat invite, starting with the game closed and open, switching who was hosting the world, and different saves. The only method that worked for a short bit was when I created a completely new world, sent my friend a steam chat invite and he accepted without the game open. Thinking the problem might have been fixed we tried joining previous save and when that didn't work the other means we had found did not work again either. We both had strong network connections but could find no way to play together with multiplayer. (only single player worked) Prior to this we had played with minimal problems on January 14th, 2017, but now today on Jaunary 16, 2017 it does not work.
  2. I like parts of this idea, but maybe the problem your trying to solve is that you can finish all the research before doing that much exploring. One fix I can think of is that maybe certain research items like the trading platform or the fuel condenser can only be researched when you get to another planet forcing you to explore the solar system before you can get all the items. Instead of breaking the research up into parts, new research items could be spread further (i.e other planets) to require you to explore more.
  3. These are a few of my ideas for new research items. Comments can be submitted with other ideas. 1. A Bulldozer Some kind of bulldozer, plow, or steamroller head attachment for vehicles. When creating a base one of the more challenging things about it is making the area flat. The smooth tool helps a great deal, but even there the tool starts making slopes or getting uneven. It would be much nicer and easier if there was an attachment that could either go on the crane or ideally on the front of the truck to flatten the ground horizontally so the base doesn't slope to one side. In addition a bulldozer could be used to make easier roads to drive on, and could possibly get rid of (smooth) boulders or plants that would get in the way of the vehicle. To keep this tool from being overpowered it could actually push up the dirt it smoothed so it had to be put somewhere. 2. A Satellite A satellite could be launched into space for a multitude of reasons, but my primary idea is that a satellite could take pictures of the planet to send you back a map or some kind of Global Positioning System (GPS) to track your whereabouts. To make it more interesting the satellite might only be accessible for a limited time while its orbiting around the space above you. Other possible features could be a warning alert for upcoming storms, a means of recording yourself on a journey, or sending you down pre-loaded resources wherever you are such as tethers or oxygen. 3. A storage platform This platform would be one of the expanded module platforms basically with nothing build on it. it would be covered in only attachable modular spots to place storage on, basically as a dedicated space on your base for resources.