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  1. AutoMcD

    SUGESTION: sunglasses

    Some of the planet surfaces are very bright.
  2. AutoMcD

    Trade Platform Fuel Exploit

    I think the fuel condenser should require 8 organic to operate. As things are right now, fuel is not really an issue at all. Especially considering how many trips a fully fueled spacecraft can make..
  3. AutoMcD

    Anyone else have problems finding coal?

    On Terran it is far too rare to be useful. And the generator totally overkill unless you have several large batteries to charge. Much better using the small gen and stuffing organic into it, even that will fill large batteries.
  4. AutoMcD

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    It'll eject when you reload.
  5. AutoMcD

    Big Solar panels - how to use one?

    It's a lot more trouble than it's worth! Especially with the storms kicking the rover and panel around..
  6. AutoMcD

    What the hell, was my first thought ;)

    The tethering / air suffocating thing took me a while to figure out..
  7. AutoMcD

    The most OP thing in the game! (Clickbait title)

    It's power usage is enough of a limitation for me. If you want to dig a huge tunnel or build a mountain, you aren't doing it until late game where you have substantial power production and storage already built. Without the infrastructure backing you up it's pretty limited.
  8. AutoMcD


    look for a thread by ferocious, she made concept renders of a hover truck. its a good idea, would love to be able to cruise around without getting hassled by rocks and things.
  9. AutoMcD

    Crafted batteries vs. Printed batteries

    The only advantage to the smaller batteries is being able to carry them. Or on a vehicle storage if just a few is enough and you want to combine small solar or wind to save space. but since you would need all 8 spots of that storage filled to get the same capacity, it hardly seems worth it. Zero gain on space, and a lot more expensive.. obviously better to go large and tether back to it!
  10. AutoMcD

    Weather Damage and biodome repair bots.

    The mech looks awesome! i wonder about in game practicality though. I think the rover/truck large storage as a backpack would be cool. Would slap on some batteries or make it haul stuff. The nodes on the arms seems obvious but.. what would we put there?
  11. I agree. Seeing a new thread for every new episode is a lot of noise. I'm not really into watching other people play games.
  12. AutoMcD

    So, um dynamite

    Ooh, I'll have to try that. It takes me way too long to find the flat spot.
  13. The built-on cockpit just looks better, has a windshield. But my Astroneer is too hardcore or that, gotta use the movable rover seat.
  14. AutoMcD

    How are you guys building your base?

    Kinda like this? i found that in use it still feels kinda cluttered, the truck itself is in the way. Maybe could make the "road" wider.. but after this I went back to a style where I roll up next to base and everything front and center.