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  1. Dude, the goal here is not to judge which playstyle is best to which player or to criticize the interest of the game or whatever it is... This thread is there to signify that a single platform cancels all the interest of the game in itself for some players. Dude, it's a sandbox, you can play as you like, nobody will judge you ! If I created this tread, it was to have the opinion of other players about this system, I don't judge the game, the players or developers or their ideas. It is only a subject to discuss a system of infinite resources for free. Yes, you can pretend it did not exist and go outside to collect few resources with your truck, but it is there. The interest of this is precisely to speak here when the game is still in alpha. If I was playing in release, yes, we could complain on this platform which cancels all the pleasure of exploration and especially the collection of resources, but we don't. So why can't we talk together, between players ? So, no, this topic is not ridiculous, and it is not ridiculous to discuss about it. We are not talking here of a cheat or a glitch or crying on it, just about a potential and abusive use of a system of exchange with nobody and nowhere.
  2. Hi ! First of all, thank you for this very nice game ! (Then, sorry for the rest, my English is not really good) There are some bugs, but nothing very annoiying with the regular backup. Anyway, after about 5 hours to explore my planet and a giant cave, I crafted the "Exchange platform" later. You know, the small ship that allows to exchange resources against others. Before yelling, it's just an information, not a trick to make your party more easier and bored . This information allows you to stay in your base and collect all resources without moving from just three platforms... It breaks the game's total interest, you don't have to go out to collection any resources, the ships gives you all of this. Indeed, just make two platforms (one is okay, but with 2, it will be faster) that provide fuel as well as platform with Exchange platform. Then just connect to power, with a solar panel and a battery, or with the wind turbine. Spend the all day on the fuel machine with the solar panel, and with two storages on each platform, you can store 16 fuels per plateform. So you have 32 fuels at the end of the day if you build 2 and 48 if you build 2 storage in the exchange platform. At night, you either use the battery or the wind turbine. If you have enough fuel, go and exchange that fuel for resources. That is to say that 4 fuels provide you with 8 common resources and with 8 fuels, 4 or 2 rare resources. You just have to chain it all up, putting it all in stock and you have unlimited resources for free and without moving. It's really not fun at all, but it's exist... I think you should modify the Exchange platform. Maybe to remove rare resources or increase the cost and lower those received in return. With this current platform, there is no longer any interest in going out to collect the resources in the magnificent caverns or planets... You just have to build this plateforms and wait. I know this is not the goal of this game, but why you have to drive with your truck all the day when you just have to spend fuel and wait rare ressources ? This is dumb. In my opinion, the exchange platform shoud be used for spend resources on an other planet, but not nowhere and return with this stuff. This is an exemple in my 1st base : (it's my first base, so, that's really weird and not really optimized)