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  1. Just wondering when you guys are launching the update for Xbox One. Thank you
  2. Sometimes I just want to put one resin in a port and create a single line. If you are not careful it will automatically take 2 resins from your pack and make a station. There is no reversing this process which devalues the overall aesthetics of my creation. Thanks
  3. Sometimes your 3rd person view while working underground will through you in to a trance state swimming through the map underground. Happened to me at least 5 times today.
  4. You take a pod to Barren (the small moon around Terran). The pod has no functionality once on the ground. No terrain tool. No compound and resin in scavenger mode. Tethers do not help either since there is no infinite oxygen supply. Find titanium, copper, lithium and oxygen to survive (Already packaged) from crash sites of past Astroneers. Build tanks, batteries and generators. Organic packs, small solar panels, beacons, filters and hydrazine tanks can also be found at crash sites. One old rover can be found and recharged (No infinite oxygen with the rover, but you can store oxygen packs that
  5. So I built a spaceship but unfortunately added a storage to the top of it from the vehicle bay (first time building a ship). This built-in storage can not be removed. Now I have a ship full of fuel that will not take off. I even tried putting a habitat and a seat on top of the storage but still will not take off. I am building a new vehicle bay and plan to build the vehicle bay one seat for a new shuttle. I am sure this will work. Would be cool to make the storage not an option for the spaceship, just the land vehicles. If there is something I am missing please reply. Thank you
  6. If you guys could find a way to either color code or name the beacons it would be awesome! I show an example below what this might look like in the game. Thank you
  7. To start, I love this game! So my game crashed and when I reloaded it my vehicle was stuck in the ground. I could get out, but under the vehicle in a small no wiggle room opening. I wanted to terraform and free my vehicle but every time I push X button I would just hop back in to the vehicle. If I could of got my terrain tool out I could of saved the vehicle sooner. But, when you are so close to the vehicle The X button defaults to entry vehicle instead of terrain tool. Maybe there is a code you could create when you push X button so close to vehicle it can give you the option of Enter or Terr