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  1. While playing the Steam version of the game with keyboard and mouse, there will be fraction of a second lag-spikes, and if you were pressing any button during this time on mouse or keyboard, it will keep going even after you let go until you click it again. It's a very small glitch, but it's just gotten me killed, so I felt the need to report it. It happens to me most often while I am digging.
  2. Personally, I don't like the idea of having one to start... I'd prefer to have to somehow create one.
  3. I like the idea of a drone as I've said on other people's posts, but I really prefer one person's idea in specific which has TONS of modes. I feel that this drone and that drone should be separate drones. I agree with more storms, but I feel the building itself should take damage that you should have to fix yourself, making the drone a luxury, not a requirement, and I feel that it should be nerfed.
  4. I disagree with a weight change, I feel that it being heavier would make it more difficult to drive, not less, and that being said I'm perfectly fine with the sliding, I just wish that they wouldn't just stop sliding if batteries run out, and I HATE the weird control thing, as I often look around while I'm driving, making it very frustrating.
  5. I guess that makes some sense, but once you get the technologies required to get all that stuff, you have the same issue, people make several trips going down, getting materials, putting them on the surface, then make another several trips bringing it all back. It is indeed accurate that there would be quite a few resources on a planet with a subsurface ocean in real life, but some things are difficult in real life because we don't have the freedoms they have in video games.
  6. Idk, all gathered materials have a use at the moment, so I don't see value in throwing them away. You forget that more code will slow down your game far more than removing gathered organic will.
  7. I agree. sand storms in areas that clearly don't have sand is quite odd, and if they're going to add water to the game (they will, trust me), they need to not have sand storms in areas with it in abundance.
  8. Who would toggle off something with any potential use and no possible harm? And anyway, that's not exploring, that's surveying, there's a difference.
  9. Exactly, they should be different and they shouldn't have to be created like loaded maps. Still, it should be nerfed a bit or the game will be too easy, going to a planet with a subsurface ocean, getting all the materials you need, then going back.
  10. Yes, tidal waves being more aesthetic we would want to save room for other things. The more complicated features, the longer the game will take to make, the less likely the devs will want to do it, not to mention what kind of monster PC you would need to run a game with too much in it. As far as pressure goes you could add a drill to move you around highly pressurized areas, but as a gimp not all planets should have subsurface oceans (as irl) and either the "drill" will be really expensive (titanium w/actual drill attachment (bronze?)) or the oceans just wouldn't be quite as full of resources.
  11. I have to agree, I like the idea of a game where hostile mobs aren't the main threat.
  12. Not sure. They don't exactly have orbit and I don't think they're going to add it, making some of the effects based on solar location impossible, and perhaps the idea of planets mostly made of ice is a little ridiculous because there's only one main resource you'd be able to harvest from it of which there'd be far too much of, and perhaps tides don't have nearly as much purpose as other things on the list. Other than that the game could reduce what is visible at one time, and make small planets not have most of these effects. They could also try to cut down on things like leaving blocks everywhere after storms and regenerating all those rover blocking rocks in caves every time you go back to that chunk and simplify things like temperature so that there would be hot cold and normal rather than exact temperature.
  13. Those are good ideas, and if we're going far enough to talk about inner planetary temperature then we should include surface temperature, and dwarf planets like pluto that are made mostly of ice.
  14. I like this idea, a simple dirt bike with a single spot that can only be used for an energy attachment, being fast with 10-20 energy units but no top and therefore no protection from storms.