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  1. If the only reason you want tradeable hydrazine back is because you feel it takes away from play through strategies, you need to reassess your view on gaming. Taking out a function that allows a player to actively bypass the entire game, is not a play through style. Its a malfunction. There is nothing to gain from this other than the fact that you successful waste your time on something that will inevitably become boring. Unfortunately, the move to ban traceable hydrazine was the only method to prevent abuse, aside from removing craftable hydrazine, which would've impacted gameplay far worse
  2. Issac

    And the next patch is... when?

    I can back this 100%. I had done the whole hydrazine farm a few times and I just didn't enjoy it. So you know what I did? I stopped using it! Not that hard!
  3. Yep! Getting ingredients tonight.
  4. Issac

    Morse code from satellite!

    Perhaps an apology for short description?
  5. Issac

    Coming Soon: Terrain Analysis

    Looks like my prediction is still in line! Awesome! Not super stoked about the terrain tool stuff. Personally, I still think there are some major aspects missing from the game. While I have managed 80+ hours of play time, there just really isn't much interest in putting anymore time in... Which is sad coming from me. Nevertheless when the update drops, I'll put an hour or 2 in for the terrain tool features. But I'm just excited to see what other things will be added.
  6. The perfect example for this would be ARK. The devs that tweet out deadlines and then constantly and consistently miss their etas. I see plenty of people harassing them, even still to this day! Its not hard to find the ungrateful, simply look in the richest of places.
  7. Issac


    Honestly I gave this game a long break after the first few updates myself. Yet you won't find me clamoring to get refunded. Do you know why? Because I'd just end up buying it again anyways! Its very likely the game would be more expensive as well. So I'll stick with my guns on this one and take my part in watching this game florish, thank you very much. I still stand by my analogy from a few months ago, that we get to take part in the infancy stages and beyond. So by all means, take your money back. Just don't come crying that you missed out, or that the game's price went up, or that your opinions weren't heard. For me, this is about as good of a space exploration game as we are going to get here on Xbox. So I appreciate it, even if I've only sank 80+ hours into the game. Which is well worth the $20 I spent on it.
  8. I'd be willing to bet the next update will hit in the next 4-7 days. Seems it could be any day, so I'd say closer to next Monday. and if I'm wrong I'll eat homemade pavlova
  9. Issac

    Platforms 'crashed' into each other.

    I hate when that happens lol. Best advice is to spread your platforms apart and never build a new platform in the direction of an already existing platform
  10. Issac

    A Small Peek for the Next Big Update

    looks awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Issac

    For XBOX users

    I can understand the frustration to an extent. Many of these players may not have had prior experience with game previews, let alone pre alpha. For me, it's not my first preview but it is my first pre alpha. Of course it doesn't really help the matter when we have youtubers pitching this game as "Yes Man's Sky". When in all reality the 2 games differ massively. I think a lot of people bought in, expecting a similar experience to No Man's Sky but on Xbox. Personally, I can't help wondering if that was the EXACT reason this particular pre alpha was green lit in the first place. Don't get me wrong. SystemEra has proven to be dedicated to the experience and to the consumers. It just goes without saying. Maybe MicroSoft saw the opportunity they missed out on and needed a sort of replacement. I know it sounds bad but it''s actually very good. I never got to experience the disappointment, first hand, that was No Man's Sky. But I did experience the let down and the lies. Here we have a team that has shown they are driven to give the experience, the wonder of the most out of this world experience. It's not perfect, but here's the catch that a lot of players tend to overlook. We get the privilege to watch this game grow and mature. Like an infant child taking it's first steps into the universe. One filled with adventures and stories and exploration. Not only in just the sense of the game but in the sense of an idea. At the end of that journey lies a disc. A digital blueprint of the steps we all walked. A recording of all the ideas we spread. There is beauty in the whole picture if those players can step away from their magnifying glass and just enjoy the first steps the game is currently taking. Enjoy the beauty of now.
  12. I would imagine the system specs should, in theory, support the content. I mean, the game only seems demanding right now due to bugs. I could see if the graphics were toned down a bit, but not to a point like Skyrim had to be trimmed and dimmed. I know, it's hard to believe. This time around, people actually seem to have hope. Despite the fact that the Switch is only, currently, set to launch with 10 whole games. Ironically that's less than the Wii U had.
  13. I was just wondering, as the title suggests. Is there any future plans to port Astroneer to the Nintendo Switch? Personally, I think it'd be a great way to get more consumers and more coverage. Not to mention, the graphics of Astroneer seem like they would be right at home on a Nintendo platform.
  14. it is possible to retrieve. Its not easy though. Best recommendation is to dig down from your truck's last known position, find the trucks, they will be a bit of a ways down in a cave. Then build a way out. Best advice is to use the flattening function of the deformer to create a ramp. That should get your trucks back within a relative hour or so. To avoid this bug try parking your vehicles over base structures that are not in use. The black rock underneath them renders alongside the base structures, which have priority over anything else. This should prevent your vehicles from falling through the surface.
  15. Issac

    An honest review

    After spending 60+ hours playing ASTRONEER I have come to a verdict based on the following; -Game playability -In-game content -Bugs/Crashes -Exploration and Discovery elements -Building and crafting -Grinding To start, the game is very enjoyable and can retain that enjoyability for quite some time. It is easy to say the experience is well worth the price. The in-game content is slightly shallow, which is to be expected for a pre-alpha title, heck it surpasses most expectations. That goes without saying, there is still a lot to be desired. Something I look forward to experiencing. In terms of bugs, glitches and crashes, this game has plenty to go around. I have witnessed the dedication the devs have to troubleshooting these issues and a wonderful community that helps along the way. Its very refreshing to see. The biggest issue thus far has got to be the lag. Lag is VERY real. The exploration and discovery element can feel empty at first glance. Once you start digging around (in-game and on the web) a whole ton of new discoveries will be waiting. Not to mention the exploration is very massive. Its not very difficult to get lost in the game or even in the beauty of the game. Building can be a bit overwhelming or underwhelming, depending who you ask. Base building is fairly straightforward but as a result is very simplistic. Using the deforming tool can be a bit janky and has a learning curve that can be easy to overlook. The crafting is very clean and easy to understand, but there really isn't a whole lot of crafting to be done. Beyond solar panels, batteries, storage and maybe trucks if you prefer truck trains, most other craftable items will only see a few uses. The grinding in this game is modest at it's worst. Most resources are plentiful and easily accessable. Comparing to my previous experiences where grinding can literally cost a week of your time (For those ARK players). Spending 5 hours and attaining enough resources to build a few, fully functional, bases is a welcome relief. Overall I give ASTRONEER a solid 9/10. It's a wonderful game and seems to have an intensly bright future. Definitely worth the meager $20.