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  1. It seems the Medium Fabricator can only print on the right side of the large platform? I found this out the hard way after starting to setup a base on my 2nd planet. To be fair, I noticed this issue before on Terran, but it was less of an issue due to easy access to resources. Why not allow the Fabricator to print to either side of the platform? Or even front or back (which kinda makes more sense IMHO)?
  2. I was hopeful when logging in tonight, but the brutal FPS persists, even w/ the latest update. Sample video below. A fairly complete base on Terran, with one chain of tethers to a cave system. Two trucks, one spaceship, no other vehicles. Smaller bases on Barren and Tundra. Freshly back to Terran with a game & system reboot. New load since 117. Will probably hold off on playing until this is resolved. It's just too frustrating to play. Which sucks, because I want to keep playing.
  3. riposter

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    I went straight for the Spaceship on this playthrough, but it was slow before that. Now it's even slow on planet Barren.
  4. riposter

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    Oh interesting... Now that you mention it, that might be where it went south for me too. The truck is essential though, not to mention a truck w/ a trailer is nice to have too.
  5. riposter

    Framerate Lag on xbox one

    I agree...frame rate is painful. This is on a new play through since the 117 patch. I purposely kept tethers to a minimum.
  6. riposter

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Even tethering doesn't seem to help. I finally got off Terra for the first time last night. Setup camp on Arid, then came back. Two trucks missing at one of my camps. Mind you I've already lost a rover and truck previously. I know it's an Alpha, but this bug is a bit disheartening. I probably won't play again until it's addressed in a patch.
  7. riposter

    Trucks vanishing

    Rover disappeared tonight... I died at an offsite location scouting for a new base, respawned at my original base and immediately fell through the ground. There I saw my rover truck that I lost the night before! So maybe the vehicle disappearance is related to how they tend to jump right when you respawn? Here's a video.
  8. riposter

    Trucks vanishing

    I had this issue happen last night... Jumped out of my truck, ran off to do something, came back and the truck was gone. Thought it might have fallen through the ground (which was a flat-ish surface fwiw), but I dug down a bit and it wasn't there. Some materials I had laying on the ground also disappeared at the same time.
  9. +1 for this. was looking for this functionality almost immediately.