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  1. Same here! It’s as if it’s redundant. If so, please change this, System Era.
  2. You guys need to update the forums: it still says "Astroneer - Early Access + Game Preview"
  3. I love to see you guys so hard at work pushing out this content monthly! Keep it up, and Thank you!
  4. @Zeus Your concerns are valid and I (although I'm not affiliated with SES) appreciate you using the forums to voice them. I would just like to briefly say that although not much content has been released, there has been a ton of overhaul under the surface. For one, they just switched game engines! I don't know what that is like but I can only imagine it's a ton of work, including tweaking, fixing, and redoing some things to make compatible with the engine. This will also make things easier for them and allow more possibility for future content. So get ready, my friend! Also, whe
  5. @SES_joe Keep up the great work, guys! @Wyvyrias Maybe you could throw in some links to the YouTube channel, social media accounts, and blog to help this person be more up-to-date with what is happening behind the scenes?
  6. I haven't had a chance to play in a while, but I love all the things you guys you working on. Keep up the great work, thank you!
  7. @Martin thank you for your detailed reply! I'd love to know when you test them what you discover.
  8. I do not seem to be noticing performance improvements on Xbox one...
  9. Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks this way!
  10. There are these two bizarre floating objects near my starting habitat and I don't know how or when they appeared. I'm playing on Xbox version 131.
  11. Yes, but I know that the rover is faster than the truck. For this reason, is it more worth it to use rovers over trucks?
  12. Which is better for linking multiple vehicles together into a train? Using multiple trucks or rovers? Which is more efficient? I know that trucks have twice as much power and storage but they are slower than rovers. Is it worth it to use trucks over multiple rovers?
  13. @SES_Adam Keep up the fantastic work with informing your community!
  14. How do I stay up to date on the Astroneer blog posts? Is there a follow feature like there is on the forums?