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  1. Awesome. Thank you very much for the info! Also, thanx for the offer to join the clan. I don't play that often but if you don't mind having a very casual player (I log onto Astroneer once or twice per week) I'm In!
  2. Oh! I didn't know you could do that. Actually, it works great for unknown objects since those are the ones you usually find far from a platform or storage structure. Thank you Tactile!
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    ROAD MAP - Mega Thread

    Are there any plans to improve the camera behaviour when using the controller? Feels like the game is intended to be played with a mouse and the controller support is there because the console, but is not as smooth as it is when using a mouse (at least from what I can see from the trailers. I know the controller does not allow you to move the cursor that smoothly nor with that level of precision)
  4. Ivan Corea

    Compa's feedback thread.

    System information: Xbox One 1st gen I have played astroneer a few and so far, I'm loving it (for the most part) but I've found some things that I feel annoying or troublesome and I want to provide feedback on them (and in the future, keep posting here). Rovers: The stability of rovers is (while kinda fun) really troublesome. Sometimes I'm driving and a small variation on the terrain makes me flip and jump and I spend more time outside the vehicle than driving it. The planet seems to have Holy Terra's gravity so it's weird that the rover jumps so high. I feel it would be better to have a standard vehicle with a classic suspension (or even better, a truck like vehicle. might be slow but it can climb any surface and does not flip and jump... like Skyrim horses) Sometimes, when your rover flips, items attached to it just deattach! Ive lost 2 solar panels this way because I did not notice and when I arrived the base the panels were not there (and yes, I am sure they were there before) actually, yesterday I witnessed the moment when a solar panel detached. Can they be like supeprglued to the rover and not come off unless we want? Drawing distance and performance is sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes the framerate drops because (I feel) the game is trying to draw too many things ahead of it. It does not happen too often but it does happen. It's hard to find a proper solution because I know the game relies on what we can see (specially in caves). The camera does not keep the "Invert Y axis" setting when you hold LT. The camera behaves weird when terrain tool is equipped. I have to move the cursor ALL the way to the border of the screen if I want to turn around. Maybe we can have a switch between free mode and static mode where free more == how it behaves right now and static mode == the camera behaves like it normally does when we're just walking and the cursor is always and only 2 meters ahead of you. It only digs/fills/flattens whatever is up to 2m ahead of you. It would be like a chrosshair. The terrain tool is a little PITA when you are using a controller. In order to do things right, I have to slightly tap RT and spam it. When using the terrain tool, I feel the movement of the cursor is ... I don't know... I wish we had an option to move it slow so that I can have more precision (maybe with the switch of a button?) I suppose this could be addressed with point 5 Movement when carrying unknown objects is cumbersome, and the camera is hard to handle! Is it possible that instead of having the object flying all around, it sticks to the character's arms and the camera behaves like it normally does when we're just walking? Following point 8, can we walk/run at normal speed? Sometimes caves are too complex to let the Rover in... and with the difficulties I mentioned concerning the terrain tool, it's really time consuming and troublesome to make a path for the rover. I wouldn't mind building ramps and downhills if the terrain tool were a bit more tuned. Overall, as I said, I'm loving the game... but it feels like it's more oriented to be played with mouse and keyboard than with a controller. Camera and movement feels "okay" when you're on console and that's not ok
  5. Ivan Corea

    ideas for tunnelling/caving

    Great idea. Maybe with a menu listing the possible locations with the base at the top of them. The other aspects could be somewhat addressed with something like Terraria's UI. Once you find the mats, you can build a compass, a depth measurement unit and stuff like that and the info appears onscreen. Of course we would need a larger inventory hehe.
  6. I have played Astroneer only a little bit. Maybe this are things you get used to after several hours but still, I want to share my pionion and hope I don't get flamed Platform: All platforms Input method: Controller Feature requested: Allow the use of trigger-stops Current Behavior: Whenever I have to press the trigger, the action is not registered because the game expects the trigger to be fully pressed Expected Behavior: The action associated to the trigger should be activated as soon as the trigger is pressed regardless of how much it is pressed Notes: I know this is a silly request, I could just disassemble the controller and replace the scuff pads with the stock pads, but it's kinda annoying to play Gears of War, dissasemble the controller, switch pads, start playing astroneer and receive and invitation from a friend to play Gears of War and repeat the proccess. It seems the amount of pressure on the trigger makes no difference. RT works like a standard shooter (at least as far as I have played) /**************************************************************************************************************************************************/ Platform: All platforms Input method: Controller Feature requested: Allow cursor mode to be activated only in mining mode only when the user is pressing LT Current Behavior: When I pull the vacuum, cursor mode is activated and moving becomes cumbersome because I have to move "the cursor" all the way to the sides of the screen Expected Behavior: When I pull the vacuum, the camera should suffer no change and the green circle should be fixed a few metters in front of you. You would move it by muving yourself and if you want precission then you press and hold LT and movement of the character and movement of the cursor is switched to the way it is now. Notes: Cursor mode works perfectly if you use the mouse. I haven't play the game on PC I admit that, but I suspect there is no change in the way the camera moves when you pull your vacuum. As I mentioned before, camera movement in cursor mode when using the controller is cumbersome. /**************************************************************************************************************************************************/ Platform: All platforms Input method: Controller Feature requested: Pause the game when entering BackPack mode and enter a sort of cursor mode where A is select item and B is cancel/exit Current Behavior: Game runs in the background and (at least in the beginning) the BackPack is confusing Expected Behavior: To be able to "explore" your backpack as if it was an inventory menu (Like in The Witcher when you're going to use potions and enhance your swords) Notes: It's just a simple request to make things more intuitive. Most interfaces across games (and even the Xbox interface) have A as "select feature" and B as "Cancel selection/back" I will try to update this thread as I play the game Keep up the good work. I believe in Harvey Dent... err, I mean Astroneer.
  7. Ivan Corea

    Xbox 1 sub-forum?

    In a way, it does. Prolly the best way to do it would be to make a bugs subforum specific to each platform. and leave the suggestions as an open forum (since they apply to the whole game and not specific patches). What I do think it's important is to lay down some kind of (informal) format to report errors and suggestions. Like the "Forum Rules", but it would be the "Read this before reporting a bug" and we, as users, should try to be as specific as possible reporting things like Console (if no subforum is created) Conditions (what were you doing) Expected result Actual result Input method Media (screens/video) Same for suggestions, maybe help the users to provide better feedback: Category (World/Input/Movement/Planet behavior/UI behavior/General UI, these would be defined by the Astroneer team) Desired behavior Current behavior (if exists) Media (if possible) The Halo Warzone Firefight feedback thread comes to mind. They had this for us to fill
  8. Ivan Corea

    Xbox 1 sub-forum?

    This would be a nice forum feature. I think it would help with the organization of issues
  9. Ivan Corea

    Can we talk about hunger?

    This would be awesome. I would not use it. I am too softcore for that, but it would certainly be cool for people who wants to step up the difficulty accordingly to their wishes