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  1. Windows 10 version Mouse n Keyboard Version: 0.3.10190.0 While exploring around on the planet Terran, I came across a crashed spaceship that was half submerged in the ground as per usual. I starting wondering if I could attach a Winch to the spaceship remains, and drag it back to my home base. I attached the winch and started driving away in my Truck expecting that the spaceship would drag behind me. It instead started flying around the air while still connected to my Winch. Here is a video and photo that will show what I've just explained. ASTRONEER 6_19_2017 6_10_52 PMTrim.mp4
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    Standing IN The Ground BUG.

    As you can see in the video I've captured, when I walk on what appears to be a ground, I instead fall through the ground and can see underneath it. This hasn't happened at all in my 10+ hours played so far. I understand these types of bugs are common because of where the game is in its development. I just wanted to shed some light on it so it gets seen and fixed. Happy adventures to you all. Floor_Glitch.mp4