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  1. When I respawned after dying the floating backpack bug happened again, at this point I only had a solar panel on one of the two top slots in the backpack. So I wanted to fix it by removing it from my backpack and putting it back in, then this (see picture) happened when I removed it, the solar panel deconstructed and was bigger than normal. It stayed like this, no matter what I did, untill my friend placed it in his backpack. I was using the latest version available on steam yesterday when it occured (the non beta version) PS: during this session I also couldn't see some of th
  2. Don't know how it came there, but there's a little piece of aluminium stuck on one of the four slots of my smelter platform, I can't do anything with it since it won't come off. On the picture you can see it floating on the left.
  3. I've had something similar on tundra, but was still able to take off.
  4. When loading a save game I noticed some plants near my base were missing, I tried driving away from my base and then going back again but the plants still didn't appear. After reloading the save game they did return however. You can see this in the pictures, I messed up the viewing direction so I encircled the same vehicle bay before and after reloading the save game, you can clearly see there are some plants in and surrounding the vehicle module, which arent't showing in the other picture.
  5. I can't verify the 95% power theory, but I did try putting the object off and on the research platform again which still didn't allow me to research, after trying that I took the screenshot shown in my first post, saved and exited the game. When I loaded the same save game today I could immediately research the item. So my guess is that reloading the game fixed it. When it occurs again I'll try the 95% theory.
  6. After researching two unknown items I put a third item on it, but it doesn't give me the icon to research, even thought it's fully powered.
  7. I'm having the same problem, it doesn't matter which planet you're on. If I connect a rover, which has a solar panel, to the faulty pad, it will recharge though.
  8. I'm don't know how it happened but one of the resin resources in my backpack turned yellow. It appears to have the same color as some of the surrounding plants. You can also see this on the picture. The other resin resource remains purple.
  9. yeah, I'm having the same problem, having to press the thumbstick all the time is tiring. I think overall the controller movements are fine for now, but it could still use some tweaking, I'm thinking about the terrain tool and how you carry objects, it sometimes feels a bit clumsy.
  10. So I built a shuttle with a storage component (see picture), I put a single seat on it and was able to get in and the game saved. Upon leaving the seat i got stuck as shown in the image. I wasn't able to get unstuck so I tried reloading the last save (which was saved in this shuttle), but when doing so the game crashed. My save is now corrupted I believe, and will keep crashing if I try to open it. Maybe the shuttle was never meant to be built like that and the save got corrupted? my info: PC, Steam, xbox one controller, i7 mobile, gtx980m
  11. After loading a save game I noticed some of the surrounding plants where white instead of colored like before. See image below. my info: PC, Steam, xbox one controller, i7 mobile, gtx980m
  12. In my previous comment I said FPS would increase again to 60 after reloading the game, this is still true I believe in some part, but the more you build and explore the less the frames will increase after reloading. I'm at a point where I have 5 vehicles and 8 nodes built and discovered quite some terrain and the FPS is now around 20, when reloading, the fps increase is now barely noticable.