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  1. I don't think I paid that close of attention... The only reason I would have relogged for that session was that the rover & truck were glitching and wanted to see if relogging would help. I investigate if this bug happens again. I should have made a rover while it was upside down, maybe next time.
  2. Upon loading saved game, names would appear upside down.
  3. Xbox One: Upon loading saved game, my rover was flipped. I also had a gameclip (but I guess it didn't upload to my live account, I'll try to get more footage) of my truck being unresponsive when trying to use gas (right trigger) or reverse (left trigger) along with when moving the left joystick for steering, this would be the only time the battery consumption would appear to drain.
  4. Using the terrain tool in previous save to dig away land, loading my game the next day I see the rocks have reappeared without land/dirt under them.
  5. When using the terrain tool for extended period of time, the right joystick that controls the aim on the tool becomes unresponsive and slowly starts to move extremely slow or/and aiming in another direction slowly.