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  1. Bennybob

    Research Bug

    This bug happens whilst I am researching. Whilst researching the game becomes very laggy and slow. It doesn’t matter which planet I am on it’s just as long as I’m researching, as soon as I take the research off, the game becomes normal Im playing on Xbox
  2. When i research an item my frame rate drops. I am on xbox one. Great Game😁
  3. Bennybob

    Quick sand

    Quick sand that is hard to get out of and slow to walk through
  4. Bennybob


    Satellites to dock space ships. Research. Esemble in space and build on the planet.
  5. Whenever I start the game stuff is floating in my inventory i am on Xbox one good game
  6. Please may we be able to make space stations that we can walk around in and dock with love the game