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    Videos Megathread

    YouTube link: The perfect slide down a spiral path around a tower to space! Built a tower up to space with a spiral path around it and two flat ring platforms with habitats on them! Took me about 2 hours.
  2. Handbag Stevens

    Can't join friend's game (both PCs): boots back to main menu

    Later on the same night I was able to join my friend's game. They were in-game, and I clicked Join Game from the Steam friends list WITHOUT ASTRONEER OPEN. That launched me into the game, and I got to the main menu and saw a planet with a blue Home indicator on it (my friend's game), and was able to launch in. This worked twice.
  3. https://youtu.be/1DGqx1LGDOA I died during a sandstorm (multiplayer on Steam, not the host), was teleported back to the main habitat and for some reason the red vignette didn't go away, and when I came out after the sandstorm passed, I could walk around like normal (I was apparently normal on my friend's screen) but for me the character was in the dead position! We got into a shuttle, explored some other planets, came back, and I was still like that. Pressing '3' to wave put my character back to normal, and the red vignette went away.
  4. 1. I launched Astroneer from Steam, my friend launched it from the icon launcher on the desktop. 2. We're friends on Steam. 3. Once both in game, my friend started their game. 4. I clicked shift-tab and clicked Join Game in the context menu next to their name. 5. The game showed the loading splash screen with the spinning loader icon at the bottom. 6. The sound cut out shortly after for a few seconds. 7. I saw an in-game sky, it was daytime but there were a few stars. It was as if I was looking upwards. 8. The camera moved backwards quickly, and possibly through my spacesuit? I saw a flash of an orange suit. 9. I was then shown the gray welcome screen, clicked the left mouse button and was back to the main menu. I also noticed that my saved games were gone, but came back after I quit and opened Astroneer again.