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    I just had the idea looking at the last podcast while they talk about maps. What about world level beacons, beacons that can be seen from anywhere in the world? Obviously they would have to be a larger, more expensive version of the standard beacon. Probably something you would make with the printer and have to bring on a vehicle or use to show your house when exploring.
  2. Shiro

    Your game

    On the previous livestream they answered a similar question about mac and linux. They plan on adding support when they have a more stable build, which may be now or soon. The thing is they linked it into a question about private servers, so I'm not sure about the timetable. For the question/answer
  3. Shiro

    Your game

    There's gonna be a livestream tomorrow 3p EST. where you can openly ask this to the devs directly. Would def recommend it.
  4. Shiro

    Astroneer FAQ

    That one is more a personal choice. There are higher chances of getting other spawns like lithium and titanium on other planets, but there is plenty of content to run on the same planet for an indefinite period. I personally make a run for a non-terran planet as soon as possible for added difficulty. The top two slots of your backpack normally filled with your solar panels or generators respawn with you. You can choose the most important items to respawn with, but unless you've been using beacons to find your way back there's no real on planet map. I actually made a thread about the basics of the game and various things that would normally be expalined in a tutorial. If you have any other questions I'd be happy to add them to the document for everyone.
  5. Shiro

    Pro Strats and Tips Thread

    When you place a habitat is there anything special you have to do to make it a base, because mine are not showing the base extensions even after I use it to save.
  6. Shiro

    What happened to this video

    You never know what they did to get the results for these videos. Working in video production, I've seen people making builds that only render anything that's in a specific area, so it runs as smoothly as possible ignoring world gen, this may not even be a multiplayer accessible version. Just know it takes a lot to make these videos look as nice as they do, so don't judge the game too harshly for its showing in the pre-alpha versus what they imagined their final version to look like.
  7. Shiro - DECEMBER 29th, 2016

    For future posts to the patch notes threads you might want to mention the availability of beta testing through steam. I very much enjoy helping you guys with the newest versions, and I think there a still a lot of people in the dark about this feature.
  8. Shiro

    What happened to this video

    I see what you mean. A lot of the more toxic planets really shouldn't have plant life, even if they think it should have some variety on the surface. If they aren't ready for full enemies, maybe have something like toxic patches of ground, or more terrain based hazards than plants.
  9. Shiro

    Pro Strats and Tips Thread

    How many habitat bases can you have per world? I've tried expanding by using habitats and shuttles recently, but I can't get them to create bases unless they are on other worlds.
  10. Shiro

    Pro Strats and Tips Thread

    Thanks, forgot to link to the wiki anyway.
  11. I will maintain a google doc of my favorites and personal bests here. Since the game's fairly early in production there's no real guides or "meta" one could say to the game. I've just found some things my friends thought were really useful, so I thought I'd share them with you all, and see if we could reciprocate some information. Post #2 If anyone has any suggestions I'll have a few posts as I start the paper and confer on what qualifies as a "strat". Post #3 So when you keep tethers in the crafting menu, but don't craft them it keeps an extra slot open that's only available for compound, but I'm not sure if I should explain that in the "intermediate" category. Post #4 Changed the document so that any quick suggestions can just be tossed on the document if you don't want to post here. Post #5 Could someone who knows please add the planet types to the doc? Moderation note: Go easy on the posts, please. This is a forum, no live chat.
  12. Especially in a game without enemies yet, I see the storms as a reason to stick close to a cavern, or some element of danger keeping you from just running off for extended periods.
  13. -A feature I would very much like to see would be the ability to create the large storage platforms freely. It would be too easy to run around with a maximum 32 slot carry without a vehicle though, so my fix would be to only be able to be carried by a player if it's empty. That way you can expand the storage capacity of your base while keeping it more compact.
  14. I wanted to make a note about the tech tree. I love the idea, but how would you implement that into a multiplayer scenario? What happens when you have one person who wants a different research and siphons off most of your points? And if you only allow the host to run the tech tree, then it robs the other players of a great deal of agency in the R&D department. I think a more beneficial option would be a menu built into the existing research station to choose a specific "tech" to work towards. That way the entire group is either in consensus and it gives the players options on what order they think they should research the "techs" out. Granted there probably should be some locked behind previous tech walls, like not being able to get the drill until after the crane and the like.