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  1. NicoCaldo

    "117" - January 9th, 2017

    This patch seems decrease the performance on pc a lot of stutter now
  2. NicoCaldo

    Change solar system?

    Is it possible to change solar system? I mean I have understand that every new game you will spawn in a solar system with earth planet, a moon, a radiation planet, a tundra planet an an high temp planet and an exotic planet. is it any way with the spaceship to go away and explorer other plane of other solar system?
  3. NicoCaldo

    Astroneer Soccer!

    Never understand how use that zebra ball... Is it ONLY an easteregg?
  4. NicoCaldo

    Large storage without having veichle

    Thanks for The tip, I'll try
  5. This is only a visual problem, solar panel works great Don't know how it happen, after moving it I have found it as the screen below
  6. In some case the indication of my base on the planet are set in the middle of nowhere, in random point, see screenshot
  7. NicoCaldo

    Gas plant protection

    Could be a great idea. I have also thought to create like a barrier all around and close it inside
  8. NicoCaldo

    Gas plant protection

    But I can't mine
  9. NicoCaldo

    Gas plant protection

    Are there anyway to protect us from the plant that emit deadly gas in the underground?
  10. NicoCaldo

    Large storage without having veichle

    Oh understand. I think they have to improve this thing. Maybe you would able to create it and move to a veichle and after moving it you cannot move anymore. But I think a first move would be usefull because veichle bay are able to build the expansion also if you have less then 4 slot free
  11. NicoCaldo

    Vehicles Flip on Exit

    Happen also to me now, not always but a lot of times also if I go very far and then return to my veichle it seems to be respawn when I come nearly to that
  12. I have created a large storage thanks to the vehicle bay. Unfortunately in the vehicle bay there was my shuttle and, thanks to its only space left, the large storage wasn't attached at the shuttle but now it's blocked on the ground. If I tried to move it with the mouse I can't, it's like you can't move it and only build when the vehicle is on the vehicle bay Anyway to attac it on a vehicle or I have only lost resources?
  13. NicoCaldo

    [bug?] used Energy stacks aren't consumed

    Same here if for example I have half energy on the rover and I out an energy stack on it sometimes it doesn't recharge it, other time yes instead
  14. NicoCaldo

    [Merged] FPS Drop Reports

    Building more module make fps decrease very fast i have start the game with a stable 60fps, now I have more or less all the module possible (research, printer, vehicle bay, ecc) and I have mex 35fps with a gtx 970 if I change planet with the ship or I went far enough fps return to 60