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  1. I saved and left my game right before heading out to a new planet to make a new base. I left an unsettled habitat on the larger version of the lander, just on the body, no storage expansion. When I logged back in the habitat "settled" itself in it's place on the lander. It raised the land to it's height while kind of glitching through/covering the lander, everything was stable as I could get into both the lander and the habitat, but I couldn't really land there anymore and for some reason the slot I had the habitat in doesn't work anymore I'm on PC using Windows 10 64Bit with a GTX 750ti and an AMD FX-6300 Not the craziest bug, just quite annoying.
  2. Whenever I launch Astroneer SteamVR launces with it. I just close it. It's just really weird.
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    [Merged] Game Freezes

    I'm using a AMD FX-6300 with 8GB of RAM and a Zotac GTX 750ti. I have Windows 10 64Bit with a keyboard and mouse.