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  1. I Made Poopy

    Xbox One Camera

    The camera is very tricky for me too. I found the easiest way to try to help was to use the left trigger to aim every time I used the terrain tool or placing objects
  2. I Made Poopy

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    Holy cow
  3. I Made Poopy

    Be able to commit suicide

    Lol thank you. Quite possibly one of the weirdest pics I've seen. One of the devs gave me a warning for calling the suicide idea dumb lmao
  4. I Made Poopy

    New idea

    Thank you. I am now dumber after reading that
  5. I'm wondering as well. And you can only "like" 10 things a day
  6. Apparently they want to get rid of it
  7. I Made Poopy

    Frame Drop on Xbox One

    No way, really?
  8. I Made Poopy

    [Bug Reports] Xbox One

    Things can be knocked off ports. Not sure if it's by design or not but it happens. The compass can be seen when you highlight your character
  9. I Made Poopy

    Controls menu has editable text fields

    Hmmm I might have to try out the muffin control scheme lol
  10. I Made Poopy

    Be able to commit suicide

    I'm not "triggered" by it. But that dumb Susie-homemaker from Michigan mom will bitch and moan and take them to court. They have done that over less in other games
  11. I Made Poopy

    Be able to commit suicide

    Those make more sense
  12. I Made Poopy

    Xbox One Specific problems

    I was referring to OP. Sorry. Apparently you were responding when I was lol
  13. I Made Poopy

    Be able to commit suicide

    This is a game for all ages. Adding the concept of "suicide" would be highly frowned upon.
  14. That really confused me as well. The condenser seemed kind of pointless