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  1. Follow Up: I've exited and restarted several times and the results are always the same; I cannot equip the digging tool without it automatically digging up everything on its own. I even opened a different Astroneer game I'd saved from last month and its doing the same thing. What do I do?
  2. I logged into the game this morning and my digging gun is stuck in the "On" position. Whenever I click on E to equip it, it starts to dig up everything in its path. How do I turn this off? I didn't realize there was an Auto button on this thing, but I want to get rid of it ASAP.
  3. Yes, this happens a lot. Your vehicles have rendered before the ground they sit on has, so they've sunk into the ground. if your vehicles were parked over an underground cavern, you may be able to go down there and find them. Otherwise, you can try digging them out of the ground. (Since most people park their vehicles at their base, and you don't want to ruin your base by strip-mining it, this second option may not be appealing). A suggestion on the forums was that, prior to blasting off in your shuttle, build a high ramp near your base and drive your vehicles up to the top of it. Then hollow out the area directly underneath this ramp, so that if your vehicle falls through the ground, it will simply fall where you can easily reach it. (My problem is that all my resources constantly fall through the ground, due to the same bug. I'm spending a lot of resources building storage (the 8-hole things) and using them for storing all my inventory.)
  4. I understand the idea behind this, but I think it would get tedious very quickly in practice. There are dust storms every 15 minutes on many planets, and the idea that I have to spend most of my gaming time mining for materials to fix my main base, rather than going out and exploring the world(s) and looking for cool new things, would make this game a grind. I really don't want to have to hotfoot it back to my base after every storm because my tethers have broken, or my battery is gunked up with sand or something like that. If the game allowed me to research and built a repair-bot whose entire job is just maintaining my base, then I'm okay with it. I just don't want to spend all my time as a space (repair)man.
  5. Yes, my items tend to fall through the ground to whatever exists below it (in this case, some caves). I wasn't able to find the items I lost last night, despite searching the cave directly below, however. When this first happened, I only located about half of my missing loot in the cave below. The NEXT time I started up the game, I went down into the cave and, all of a sudden, all the rest of my stuff came pouring out of the slanted wall above me. it looked like a slot machine paying off! Hydrazine, compound, and resin came raining down on my head!
  6. This happens to me on a regular basis. On my "main" game, I have a nice underground storage room near my base with all my materials sorted out in neat little piles. About half the time I load the game, most of these supplies are gone. Fortunately, I have 2 levels of caves directly underneath, which I've explored fully. I have to spend 45 minutes traveling down below to re-gather my belongings and replace them where they belong. Tonight, I started a new game, played for a few hours, and saved it prior to exiting. When I returned, the storage room was completely empty. Nothing appeared in the cave below, though. Also, all of the plant life that was on the ground immediately surrounding my storage room are missing, too.