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  1. Z Lynx II

    Where I Can See Patc Notes

    You know this is literally a pre-alpha right...
  2. Z Lynx II

    Share your bases/creations!

    http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Z Lynx II/video/24698655 It's a bit laggy, but that's a problem right now on Xbox lol
  3. If anyone knows, I'd appreciate the info. They stack up after a while of testing.
  4. Z Lynx II

    Low frames when tethering

    We're having this problem on Xbox as well. The tethers are impacting performance for a lot of people right now it seems. For now though, instead of tethering, try using a rover as a mobile oxygen base and take spare oxygen tanks on your backpack to extend your adventuring time. I bring a storage platform on my rover as well to make up for the 2 inventory slots I lose from taking oxygen tanks.
  5. Z Lynx II


    Start up a new game(or load a game) and send them invites. You have to be in a game in order to invite people to play with you. There does seem to be a problem on Xbox with crashing though, at least from my experience, so you or one of your friends may run into a crashing problem and be completely unable to join session no matter how many times you restart the game and accept the invite, I'm having this problem right now.
  6. Z Lynx II

    Expand beyond 4 pods on base?

    You may or may not be screwed, since to my knowledge there is no way to remove structures. I'd just make a new game before you get to far in since a printer does become super helpful and even necessary later on.
  7. Z Lynx II

    FPS Counter for Xbox

    Seeing that FPS issues are a thing right now, I think having an FPS counter option on Xbox would be good for feedback purposes. Xbox doesn't have the same software that PC players have(such as FRAPS) to get accurate FPS numbers. With a built in FPS counter that would sit in a corner of the screen, we could get accurate framerate numbers to post for feedback.
  8. I've put about 10 hours in this game and I've encountered a few big bugs, so I'll just post all of them here and try to write out as much detail as I can. Standard Xbox One without kinect Standard wireless Xbox One controller http://tinyurl.com/zqksjz4 Low framerate The framerate is perfectly fine when starting a new world, but it starts to gradually decrease(it doesn't completely tank to a low framerate altogether, except in one case that I will explain below) as I progress through the game. I think it is caused by 2 things. 1) Tethers: On my first world, I used a fair number of tethers so I could have oxygen in a wide area. I believe I used about 30ish tethers in my game. The structures I had were a Smelter, a Research Station, an empty structure base that didn't have anything built on it yet, and a node(by node I mean the extension that you can turn into a building pad: http://tinyurl.com/j4z466e). However, in this world I didn't really see a serious drop in fps, just a small frame freeze when exploring a cave and slightly lower fps, but nothing major. My second playthrough was with one friend, and I was the host of this session. We used plenty of tethers again, except this time a lot more, though I couldn't give a specific number. As we were placing them, the framerate gradually started decreasing again, this time down to around 10 and sometimes lower to around what felt like 5 fps(since I'm on Xbox, I can't give an exact framerate since we have no fps counter, I can only give estimates of what it feels like). In this world we had 2 habitats including the initial one, a printer, a research station, a vehicle bay, and a smelter. Leaving and reloading the world would be a somewhat temporary fix(but even loading back up, the fps was lackluster, around 20 to 25 fps), however the framerate would eventually turn back to its nearly unplayable state. All of this(and everything in the first world) was done in multiplayer and it was done during livestreaming via the Xbox One Twitch app, but I did reload this world again in singleplayer without livestreaming before writing this post to see if the fps was still bad, and the same thing happened. It would be semi-alright at around 20-25, but would slowly decrease. However, when I picked up a tether to move it, the game would freeze for a few seconds. When the game started moving again, it was playing at a very low 5-10 fps again. Note that the framerate IMMEDIATELY tanked as soon as I picked up the tether. (https://www.twitch.tv/z_lynx/v/107759288 | This is the link to the livestream, so everything is recorded from this section. I am playing in my first world up until the 43:13 timestamp. I start playing my second world in 2-player multiplayer at the 44:31 timestamp) 2) Higher Number of Structures: After dealing with the framerate in the previous 2 worlds, I created a new world, and this time I didn't use any tethers at all. I didn't have any fps issues for a while, but they eventually resurfaced as I started putting down more structures and started adding more nodes. At the moment, the framerate is even getting as low as my second world. I don't have video recording of a playthrough from start to present, but I can give a list of the structures and vehicles in my world in addition to a recording of my current base(which also captures the low framerate). My base contains 4 fuel condensers, a smelter, a printer, 2 vehicle bays, a trade platform, a research station, 9 batteries, 8 wind turbines, 8 solar panels, 1 rover, 2 trucks(1 with a crane and drill, the drill doesn't work by the way), and 1 spaceship. I don't believe the vehicles are the cause for me though, since I did go on a building spree without building vehicles, and as I was building more nodes I noticed the framerate getting lower and lower. This is the Xbox DVR recording of my base(http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/Z Lynx II/video/24698655). I also recorded my screen with my phone which records at 60fps(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bbRjtpzOn8) Crashing I have had some problems with crashing. I've only crashed once while in game(https://www.twitch.tv/z_lynx/v/107757615 | I crash at the end of this video), however I ALWAYS crash when trying to join my friend(https://www.twitch.tv/z_lynx/v/107759288 | I crash again at the end of the livestream). I have only successfully managed to join my friend's host ONCE, and this was when I had just installed the game and . Afterwards, every time I accept an invite, I crash. I've tried accepting invites in multiple ways such as from the astronaut selection screen, while in a world, while the game is loading, and even while I'm mid-flight starting a new world. All end up with me crashing. Falling through world Sometimes I will fall through the world, most of the time it is when using the tool, but I have had an occurrence where I fell through the world 5 times in less than 2 minutes. This happened in my world where I didn't use any tethers(see above). It happened twice while I was trying to put items on the trade platform, twice while I was just walking around the base, and once when I respawned at my habitat from dying by falling through the world. So basically it seemed like the floor just randomly started losing all tangibility. I quit and reloaded the world after saving and everything seemed fine after that. Tether placement in multiplayer There's another issue with tethers we found, but this time it isn't framerate-related. When playing in multiplayer, the host is able to place and connect tethers without any problems. However, when another player who isn't the host tries to connect tethers, the tethers won't link to anything. Only the host can manipulate tethers it seems. ________________________________________________________________ These are the bugs I've had problems with. I hope this helps since it took me about an hour to write lol. I had to write all of this while getting my videos and my facts straight, and making this as clear as I could.