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  1. have noticed after update (0.3.10158.0 on XBONE) that the terrain is slow to load in game causing vehicle (rover and truck) to get dead stop once obstacle loads in front of vehicle. have had this issue actually crash game at times. was able to duplicate problem on new game, uninstalled and reinstalled game completely, again on previous save, and on new game again. also issue with solar panels not charging when loading save. have to detach and reattach to get charging again. other than that, keep up the good work guys! love this game and enjoy being a part of its evolution.
  2. I am having the same issue since the latest update (running 0.3.10158.0 on xbox one). Noticed when first loading into my save game that the solar panels were not charging my rover (or truck in a different save). detach and reattach and panels begin charging again.
  3. Some lights for operating crane/drill head. I LOVE LIGHTS!!!!! P.S excellent work with the game, i am addicted... seriously.... need to start holding meetings....