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  1. No reason to go back, unless you collected something but still is a waist of time
  2. While building my base I ran into a bug. I was able to build a printer inside of a trading platform. I branched the 1 resin cost off the habitat and it went strait inside of the trade station. Then i put the two resin on and made a printer lol. I can still use both however its just a bug I wanted to point out.
  3. WALKER- Would basically be a spider drone with 8 legs to have better mobility on the land of bumpy planets. It would also have the same amount of slots to put things on as a regular rover, (Possibly truck??? not sure depending on the size of the drone). Would cost some of the higher end resources, as when you finally start thoroughly exploring the other planets, you will probably have resources like titanium (4) and maybe even some astronium (2) available for use. Would need to be researched from pods from crash sites. Same power as a truck. FLYING DRONE(S)- It would be like the
  4. I highly doubt it. Unless he has some mischievous friends. Its a constant bug rn so nothing u can do about it. Search underground though.... u should be ablw to find most of ur ihems
  5. Ur basically talking adding subnautica to the game ?. But i like the idea of a water planet
  6. Nickyish

    How do I...?

    You have to press the button above the spaceship again, then select a new planet if there are any available. If its not there u need more fuel.
  7. I am the same, also on xbox one. However, don't get mad at the devs yet. The game is in pre-alpha and came out 2 1/2 weeks ago. Framerate, is not always easy to fix in a day so give them some time.
  8. AMAZING IDEA!!!! I think this would be a great edition to the game. But depending on how muchbit costs to make, it would have to be a reasonable length.