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  1. kiefac

    Organic Taps

    Make the organic taps from the tutorial available in normal gameplay. Even if they are much slower, it would make small generators significantly more useful.
  2. Summary: - Steam - Dust storms in space Description: Dust storms affect you even if you're above the storm, outside of the planet's atmosphere. Screenshot isn't fantastic but you can see the clouds, rocks, and my base's guitar pick. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i7 7700k @ 4.20 GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB RAM: PNY 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHz Drive: Buffalo Drivestation 3TB External HDD (HD-LCU3)
  3. kiefac

    P.O.D the Personal Overhead Drone

    Maybe a remote self-destruct feature? just in case you get glitched into a cave that you can't find or w/e, because not being able to build another one in that situation could be a little annoying.
  4. kiefac

    Angle indicator

    The game has no HUD. UI is definitely in the game (anything the user is interfacing with is part of the UI...). The game is simple enough that guessing is enough, and there's a wiki/these forums/steamcommunity for if you get confused. Multiplayer is going to updated later in the dev process. Also, skype, steam chat, xbox live messages... can replace chat in-game for now Not choosing an exact landing zone is likely intentional. (it's hard enough IRL to choose an exact point to land on. imagine not knowing the exact layout of the planet you're landing on, and then trying to find a good spot, and then trying to hit that spot without knowing the atmosphere or how hot it is or...) Vehicles are also going to be fixed but that's probably going to come much earlier than multiplayer fixes. I haven't played MP yet simply because nobody I know has the game, but I'm assuming you mean player's backpacks are deleted if they leave the game, so there's no point to trading? that could be "fixed" for now by making sure players put all their stuff on a storage block before they leave the game. Or if you mean the trading platforms just straight-up don't work for anybody but the host: again, MP fixes will come eventually.
  5. kiefac

    Metal stack colors

  6. kiefac

    Backpack - no auto regen.

    I use tethers too, but if I'm just trying to see if there's anything worthwhile in an area I don't lay them down. I like to only have paths to important things since we can't color tether lines or anything. That's where having O2 tanks and a battery comes in; I can walk around a good distance without worrying that I'm going to die within 30 seconds of not being near my tethers, or end up dying to a dust storm because I couldn't use my terraforming gun in time to make a safety hole. Also, on my first world, compound was a pain in the ass to get, there just was never any when I needed it, so I always tried to keep my tether use down. (The trading platform+fuel condenser was a godsend then.) The habit sort of stuck.
  7. kiefac

    Reliable means of Navigation

    Hologram? Like a cheesy Star-Wars-esque one where you open your hand and it shows up? then it could fly towards the camera like the backpack does and still be reasonably similar to the rest of the UI. this thread is going the exact direction OP didn't want it to go, I'm sorry
  8. kiefac

    Can we talk about hunger?

    You could have the last 1 or 2 without hunger. Definitely the last one. The farming one could be for things other than food, like being able to "plant" research nodes to grow trees that give you more research nodes... even when you run out of "research" it can be a faster way to acquire high-value resources, instead of the whole hydrazine-trading process that should really be making hydrazine worth less than the terrain. (Not that I'm complaining about it , but it will have to be nerfed again once we have other things to trade.) I like some of the ideas for hunger, but if SE is trying to make Astroneer reach out to as many people as possible they're going to want it to have a "scaling" like what they seem to be doing with everything else. On Terran its not necessary to immediately go out and start eating or drinking or w/e.... but once you start going on to other planets the difficulty should ramp up a little bit. On Arid? Drink more, but you can sustain hunger a little better. On Radiated? Make sure you're inside a building or your food/water will become too radioactive to use. On Barren? Eat more, but there's less need to drink... etc. etc.
  9. kiefac

    Backpack - no auto regen.

    The devs don't have a plan to add difficulty settings, more of just a "one size fits all" policy. use the two side slots on the backpack to hold a battery/oxygen tank. They stay in the slots even when you die, i.e. you respawn with them intact. Also, if you need an extra slot for certain resources, the printer's slot works (at least, for whatever material it asks for). I usually have a stack of Compound in there so I can make tethers when I need to. This. Even the regular generator is situational, you need to be near an Organic source which is a bit hard to do underground. edit: ayy, I'm advanced now
  10. kiefac

    Reliable means of Navigation

    oh, you mean when the ship is landed. That makes more sense
  11. kiefac

    Reliable means of Navigation

    They haven't set up a satnav system on these new planets. (which, as other people have said, would be an interesting thing to add in the future)
  12. kiefac

    Reliable means of Navigation

    The ability to see them from space is just to show you where you can land/where your base is (I think). They're hard to see when on the planet because of the curvature. If you climb a mountain you'll probably be able to see them again. Of course, you could also just make tether lines to wherever you need to go...
  13. kiefac

    Weather Damage and biodome repair bots.

    But we already have that. If you don't have tethers and make sure they're connected, or if you go running out into the middle of nowhere and forget that you need oxygen, you're screwed. Maybe with fragile things like the biodome or the solar arrays, but we can only assume that whatever agency sent us down onto the planet in the first place would make sure that most objects we can build can withstand a few rocks hurled towards it, or being frozen, or being a little hot. Especially since they would have had to do that to go into space and travel at interstellar speeds in the first place... Having a space freighter that can't withstand a few rocks or w/e at the speeds they would be going would be useless.
  14. kiefac

    Weather Damage and biodome repair bots.

    Not the same guy but that looks p good. Also, nice cursor :b
  15. kiefac

    Reliable means of Navigation

    1. It would be hard to imagine a compass in space, since compasses are based off of magnetic fields... But maybe if it just pointed towards all of the planets, and maybe one that points towards the sun. 2. +1, maybe even add actual cameras, like CCTV-style? accessible from a certain radius away but they get more static-y the farther you go. Not that they'd be useful for anything other than making sure your solar array hasn't been blown away in a dust storm, but maybe for if we get more hostile creatures. 3. Please. +1+1+1+1 4. Sort of achievable with beacons. +0.5 5. Maybe just regular colorable lights. +1 6. Not really useful if you don't get other people to play with you, and might make a beginning player waste resources. Again, its also sort of achievable with beacons. +0 7. Maybe not fixed-duration, and probably not to make a map, but repair/terraforming drones would be interesting. (especially the terraforming ones. Have one smooth out an entire area so your base can be perfectly flat?) +0.5 Nameable beacons or beacons where you can change the guitar pick's icon would be helpful as well.