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    Summary of GENERAL IDEAS:

    Servers: You can play with your friends I know, but you need to be online for them to play, that's kinda a pain in the neck. Servers, in the other hand would make players a lot more intrested on multiplayer no need to have someone on to actually play, probably more space, etc. Grappling Hooks: Vehicles are already pretty darn usefull, but you haven't had that situation when you're on a really deep hole? Deformer Tool, Twist: These covers my point on grappling hooks. If you got inside a deep hole you can easily make a staircase right?, well I feel that that isn't really realistic. I would say to add a "Material" meter on the deformer tool which means that you need a certain amount of "Material" on your tool to actually make a staircase (Obviously you get that material by "sucking" up terrain). Didn't you ever thought where those little cubes thrown by your tool, when you add terrain, came from? More Planets!: I figured this is a little bit straight forward, but Astroneer is pretty much what No Man's Sky didn't accomplish (Sorry if I offended with someone with that phrase), that's why I would like to see this game rise from Sky's ashes. Make a bigger Explorable enviroment, Planets, Solars Systems, Galaxys, Black Holes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), WormHoles (That would be sick), etc. That would be the best update for Astroneer soo far. SpaceCrafts, Twist: Shuttle and Spaceship is pretty cool, but I would like to actually drive in space instead to have all the paths pre-made with one click. Maybe keep the style or whatever you guys like, but being able to go anywhere you want on Astroneer's space would be sick . (Maybe make a different vehicle bay for those bad bois ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) Leveling Up System: The deformer tool is our basic machine on Astroneer. Wouldn't it be great if we could level up it's speed or efficiency? How about our Astronaut?, Leveling up speed, health, YOUR BACKPACK? Maybe you add Food, Stamina, Water meters, obviously it would turn it more into a survival game than a space exploration game. Extra Abilities: Pretty easy: -Ability to DELETE saved games. -Ability to NAME saved game. -Ability to DESTROY made platforms. -Abiltiy to DESTROY made vehicles. Threats: I know you're trying to keep the game NPC or Animal-free, and you're trying to make all of our deaths from Mother Nature herself, weather and plant-life. Dying on Astroneer isn't difficult, but surviving or exploring either. Maybe adding more Weather changes or status on different planets, and maybe more plants etc. This is all I got for now, leave more ideas down below so I can update this post. This post is mainly so devs don't take all day seeing the entire forums and they just check this one and all the important goodies will be here.
  2. Storage Platform: Hey, no offense, but, how in the world you haven't added this yet? Storage is pretty needed on Astroneer, especially when you're making a living out of trading ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). There is all sorts of platforms, which in my opinion are great. A Storage platform would be more of a flat platform with 8 or 10 slots to place storage modules. Right now I don't have a Image I could share but if you guys show interest I might make one for your understanding. Thank you for your time! Also, when are Content updates going to drop?