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  1. I experience serious fps drops, kinda not sure at what exact moment that happen, but when I just started new game on first planet it's 60-70 fps (yeah, I unlocked the cap), but after going to another planet OR building second base (really small tho) I can't have more than 11-12 fps with low-medium graphical settings (manually changed in configs). My PC is pretty weak tho, but should fit minimum sys reqs, and graphics is not that heavy, actually - core 2 duo E8400, 4 gb ram, GTX650, win7 Pro x64. I started game two times, same issue happened both times - my first and main base just has one
  2. Basically, game need to provide player a reason to actually leave your first planet and land on another one, except just for checking them out for the first time. Currently, you have no reason to leave terran start planet - it has all resources (well, maybe except titanium and lithium in natural form, however I had so much of them from wrecks and researchables, that I didn't feel any need in them), and other planets basically have less, especially compound and resin. Researchables (what's the common name for them among Astroneer community, btw? Artefacts?) are providing same resources and blue