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  1. Scrublord Steam World surface glitch

    I've had a similar issue, at one point I fell through the floor into another cavern just below. And just today I load up my game and notice that for whatever reason the surface doesn't look quite right. Like everything's jagged looking and the shadows on the surface aren't smooth like they usually are, and then I find this. Tried going to barren and coming back, still the same. Quit and reloaded, still the same. Platform: Steam GPU: Nvidia 770 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790S @3.2GHz
  2. Scrublord

    Drill not working

    Just checked in to say that the drill also isn't working for me. I could try making a new game to see if anything changes.
  3. Scrublord

    Built in scanner on the deformer tool

    Nice ideal, though I feel like this would be more satisfying as an upgrade as opposed to just being available from the start.
  4. Don't know if this is a bug, but it doesn't seem to happen with other resources. When harvesting materials in this game if I have any organic matter on the back of my terraforming gun I will not be able to harvest any other materials. The only way I can resolve this is if I, as carefully as possible, harvest organic matter until I make a solid block of organic and not a single drop more. This also gets especially irritating if I'm trying to harvest a different resource that happens to be near organic and pick up the organic by accident. I play with k+m on Steam, Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 770 with an Intel i7 series CPU.