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    The Crafting Update Feedback Megathread

    So far I've been enjoying this update up until I got stuck on another planet. I like the whole single use booster idea, but the whole white circle thing that shows what planet are in rage to travel to should be removed. I traveled to the Exotic planet to gather Iron and Tungsten, crafted another single use booster and went to travel back to my base and waited for over 5 minutes in orbit waiting for the orbits to line up with the range. I understand why this was a feature, but it doesn't make sense to have it implemented now. I tried traveling to another planet to skip the whole range thing, and realized I had the single use engine. I'm now stuck on the Radiated planet and can't find the resources I need to leave, so I'm just going to restart from a new save.
  2. MostlySilent

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    I'm pretty sure that this isn't how planets, or gravity, works.
  3. MostlySilent

    [Merged] Game Freezes

    When playing the game I'm able to play for a random amount of time before the game will freeze. The game still plays music and sounds, but, the image is frozen and I cannot input any controls. I know a lot of people are also having this glitch and want to know if anyone has a solution.
  4. MostlySilent

    I fixed my freezing problem!

    Hmm I'm having the same problem. I'll see if this fixes it. (EDIT) Sadly, this doesn't seem to work for me. A lot of other people have this problem as well; hope it gets patched soon. It's really game breaking.
  5. MostlySilent

    Game Wont Start

    Ah. I just had to restart my Steam.
  6. MostlySilent

    Game Wont Start

    I just bought Astroneer, installed it, and tried to run it. All that came up was this: When I click "OK" it closes for a second, then opens up again. I tried verifying the integrity of the cache, but that didn't solve it. Anyone know how to solve this issue?