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    I'll try it,thanks
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    Where can I find those,and paste it to same folder on this PC?
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    So on this PC I need to play from 0?
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    I have Astroneer profile on 1 PC and game progress on it,but when I installed it on my another PC the progress wasn't there....:(
  5. is EXIT button.The game doesn't have option to exit.Make it! is invite button.I know you can for example on Steam,to invite via Shift+Tab option and than near that have option to join,but some in game option would be much viable and easier to have.Tho where would players than show up on screen,like where would be those astroneers be shown :D,it's up to you.But I would really like if you guys make that,that all people in party can launch it together from same ship and of course that there is save option so those people have option to play it again,of course if HOST is there.
  6. is the terrain idea.I'd like to alt-ing and ctrl-ing while mouse clicking be a little easier.Sometimes it's hard to know where exactly and how will terrain dissapear or apear.Maybe for alt-ing should be shown a bubble like cursor and for ctrl-ing flat cursor so it would be easier for peaople to know what are they about to do(even tho they know they clicked alt/ctrl).Now about how you guys can improve terraining terrain I don't know(Maybe if you press ctrl you should be shown how much will it flat and where/what direction,and for alt,how much will it go up and where/what direction).The normal click is okay since you just want to get resources but maybe there should be some help like i mentioned on these,because you don't have a quite feeling how much will you destroy the terrain. is vehicle idea.Since I haven't played much(8h),I can't tell whether you need to make more vehicles or nah.But some vehicle that can ignore terrain obsticles would be cool.Maybe some new air-vehicles(not to fancy,cuz this is space crafting game,not who-has-the-better-spaceship-game.Or some adds to vehicles to lower the terrain coliding or some other things.I mean,when you mention something like this ideas are just coming and coming.Do whatever you want but keep game on same level,don't make it to hard to make/craft things,cuz than it will lower the patients of people and lower the number of ppl playing,you get me.The other thing I wanted to ask is that,is it stupid when you vehicle ends up upside down,because of terrain,to automatically refresh its(but that would kill the kinda fun/realistic of game,wouldn't it)or just stays like that and than you need to remove it with terrain tool.Just thinking here. is weather idea.I'd like to person doesn't know when will weather changes be(like,there isn't weather schedule,for example at night is sandstorm,over day 1 sand storm,I'd like it to be randomly happened,because you never know what will happen up their (space).Maybe you do know in space when will what happen ,but not quite all the time.I'm not asking to weather be fatal for players,but,why wouldn't it be a bit spooky and more life based for example,idk,your choice.
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    As you certainly have heard about this already,I just want to adress some things FPS is near 60 until you start doing any kind of action,than it falls to 30,20,10,5,1 depending what are you doing There are bugs,such as:strange sounds that things make when they are very near each other,when you put right resources to build for example rover(4 compounds)and than you change by clicking on "next" arrow,compounds/right resources from previous choice,just blew away in air since they are wrong for the thing you changed to,falling below the map if you use terrain tool under you/close to you...and I forgot the rest,but you get the point Hope this will help in further improvement.
  8. When you, for example,dig up a hole to put stuff in(when you don't have storage yet),or just put stuff very near each other,it makes strange sounds. Items keep moving and making sound that you hear unless you are far from them. I don't have picture,but just imagine bunch stuff or few things very near each other. Hope this will help in further improvement.