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    in game freeze up/lock up

    Upgraded Chipset Drivers to latest for my motherboard (dated Oct-2018 at the time of this writing) and updated Radeon video drivers to latest optional version (19.2.2 at the time of this writing). The problem appears to have been solved. I played co-op for just under four hours without any freezes or lock ups. It is possible that upgrading Windows 10 to 1809 contributed to the solution, but I don’t know that for certain.
  2. NeTGoD

    in game freeze up/lock up

    I upgraded to 1809 and just confirmed I’m still experiencing game hangs/freezes/lock ups. 😞
  3. NeTGoD

    in game freeze up/lock up

    Also having this problem. Game hangs, but Windows is still responding. I have to end task on the game and relaunch. Game Version If the devs need anything for troubleshooting, I’m happy to provide. Ryzen 7 1700x, Radeon RX 580, 16GB of RAM.