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    [1.0.7 ]-[Steam]-[Medium Battery Bug]

    Nice find! If the problem didn't resolve when you restarted the game, please attach a copy of your savegame here for the devs to review.
  2. Terrain differences example, what the client sees vs. what the host sees: Terrain traversal by client, when terrain has been removed but client was not updated correctly, resulting in client player dying (clutching throat animation) and requiring respawn. Videos from both host and client perspective: Host: Client: Terrain traversal by host player, recorded by client player, where terrain had been cleared by host, but client player's game was never properly updated: Terrain traversal by client player, recorded by client player, where terrain had been cleared by host, resulting in spontaneous client player death: Host: Astroneer v1.0.6.0, Windows 10 x64, Steam, v10.0.16299 Build 16299, HW: AMD FX-8350, 32GB DDR3, AMD Radeon R9 200 Series GPU Client: Astroneer v1.0.6.0, Windows 10 x64, Steam, v10.0.17763 Build 17763, HW: AMD Ryzen7 1700X, 16GB DDR4, AMD Radeon RX 580 GPU See attached for savegame.
  3. Summary: When using Small Solar units, I've noticed they behave differently depending on if they're attached to the Astroneer's pack or the Hab (for example). Specifically, when the sun comes up, a Small Solar unit on the pack will "notice the sun is up" much sooner than the unit attached to the Hab. Testing Procedure: Construct two Small Solar units, and attach one to the Hab, and the other to the Astroneer's backpack. Stand parallel to the Hab in relation to the sun (so that both panels should begin charging at the same time). Note that the panel on the backpack begins charging noticeably sooner than the Hab.
  4. megashub

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Version: Patch 200 Single player. One starter car, tethered to a standard cart with a large storage attached. Storage contains 4 research modules. The attached cart is incredibly easy to knock over, and very hard to get right side up again. As you can see in this video, after I got it fixed, I hopped out of the car and it freaked out and flipped the cart back over again. /tableflip Well, it looks like the 'tab to right vehicles' trick works, but because it's been so long since I've played Astroneer, I didn't know about it. Please consider adding some kind of reminder or visual indicator? The UI/UX on that is severely lacking, IMHO.
  5. Came here to +1 the need to de-randomize the Printer. It's entirely too random now. A few others have already complained about this in some other threads, but unlocking stuff that is so far away from the player's current tech level is both demoralizing and useless. I don't mind a totally random construct ... after the fundamentals are in hand. But if I can't do basic things like use smelted minerals because I've built the very few things I've unlocked that use them? Then the game just starts to break down for me entirely.
  6. megashub

    Space Station

    In keeping with the existing mechanics, I think this should be just like establishing a new base on the ground: Fly up to orbit with a hab on your vessel. Jump out of the vessel (wearing an EVA), Pull the hab off and place it in orbit. Interact with the hab like you would normally, except base extensions are locked at 90-degree angles to facilitate a grid-like station configuration. Then you either fly back to the surface to produce more components, or you build them in space if you have what you need at your disposal. Eventually, the base will be self sufficient except for the raw resources needed for further expansion. This is where those surface-to-orbit resource transfers would come in, to make interstellar ship construction easier at scale. It avoids this: "I need 40 resin for this new part... okay... better make 5 round trips to the surface..." Instead, you could just be on the surface sending payloads up into orbit. Might be fun to require spacewalks to pull those payloads into the station. Maybe? Multiple different systems for the same activity within the same game could get a bit disjointed. I'd think that, for consistency and avoiding confusion, it would be better if the researching system is kept similar. I think the station is stationary in orbit. One of its uses is the construction of large, interstellar spacecraft that cannot, themselves, land on planets. I think stations are powered either via generators of some kind, but more likely by those huge solar panels we occasionally find on the planet. I imagine we could construct those in space using a printer. I would defer to the devs on what travel restrictions/systems they deem appropriate for any vessels we can construct from a space station. I'm ambivalent to those details, so long as it's a fun experience. Re: NPCs. I think it's too early to tell. Until we see what direction the dev team wants to go with regard to NPCs, I'll withhold my wants/desires and tailor them accordingly later.
  7. megashub

    Space Station

    Not sure what trading ports would be... just storage? Or would they work like trading works on the surface today? or something else? I envision it working much like ground-based stations work, but with orbital characteristics and unique capabilities such as research that unlocks more space station capabilities, or perhaps even unlocks more advanced ground base capabilities as well. Ground-to-orbit resource transfers. orbital docking/refueling/fuel production. EVAs/Spacewalks (along with the risks/hazards of doing so). Perhaps even interstellar starship construction at a late game stage. I think it's a docking relationship, and less a landing pad, which suits the existing vehicle theme. I think it'd orbit the world like your ship does, and you'd just conduct a burn to dock with it as it comes into view. Once docked, you could exit your spacecraft and EVA across its exterior and interact with its modules. I don't see why others couldn't also be present while you're there, just like a ground-based station. I think cardinal direction limitations for a more rigid modular construction would be the least difficult to create in the game. Solar panels, strings of modules and power, etc. Think ISS but without modules with internal spaces. For ease of implementation, you could therefore reuse the ground station code with minor tweaks and new skins. I think terrain and anomaly scanning, intra-surface-station resource transfers, and such are the big gains here, along with interstellar spacecraft construction allowing for deeper space travel, larger travel radius, larger fuel and resource storage capabilities, possibly also including weapons and shields (assuming space-based threats ever get included). Just my initial take on it. Thoughts?