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  1. Gristle

    Habitat replaced with drop ship?

    Pretty certain that piloting from the Habitation module was around last patch. And why is\was it an exploit?
  2. When you die, items slotted into the Aux ports no longer respawn with your Astroneer. Is this a bug or intended behavior?
  3. Add deployed Dropship to the list of things dynamite won't destroy.
  4. Gristle

    Storage problem on the shuttle

    As it isn't in the patch notes and we used to have this functionality, I consider this a bug.
  5. Gristle

    Habitat replaced with drop ship?

    No its not. This habitat aka Dropship is not enter-able and cannot be used to pilot vehicles. It's only use is as a refuge from the storms and then only after it has been "deployed".
  6. Gristle

    Storage problem on the shuttle

    Wondering same thing.....Dropship is also now not a viable driving seat.
  7. The Smelter is now randomly spitting finished ingots onto the ground instead of slotting into available adjacent storage slots.
  8. Hmmm....I think you might be right. Used to be able to put the 3 seater on the medium......
  9. When the open 3-seat printed sideways on my medium rover I decided to use the dynamite that I had found to remove the wonky seat. Placed dynamite squarely on back of middle seat, long pressed E and ran......boom.....hole in ground and open 3-seat was still there. So I thougth OK Ill blow the rover out from underneath it. Placed another dynamite charge on the wheel of the rover, activated and ran....boom....rover and seat are still there and hole is bigger.
  10. When printing a Open 3-seat onto a medium rover the seat prints side ways.
  11. Gristle

    Astroneer Gear

    Odd....I'm wearing one of the Astroneer T-shirts I bought. Same thoughts as above, good quality fabric, not that really thin crap. Colors are bright and fade resistant, same for the graphic.
  12. Gristle

    Update 0.9.2 - August 6th 2018

    Confusing....the post date is July 19, but the title says August 6. Can Joe see the future?
  13. Tried searching this section and didn't see it mentioned and online help mentions Extenders, but doesn't tell me how to deploy them. So how do I deploy Extenders?
  14. Gristle

    Why mixer?

    Weird...I have up to date chrome and clicking timeline just resets it back to 0.