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  1. I had this happen to me, but it turns out there was a bouncevine just underneath the surface. It was deep enough that it wasn't visible without digging, but shallow enough that walking over still triggered it. Maybe that's what happened for you, too?
  2. I just encountered this crash while entering a shuttle. I am running the 1.0.4 Steam version on Win 10. I think this post is also a duplicate of the same issue. Should we continue to email crash files to support[AT]
  3. I don't think it's intended. I think the game is treating the connection tube outline like it is actually connected, so it removes the item that is in the way. There should probably be a check to make sure that the attachment point isn't already in use before rendering the outline.
  4. If there is an item attached to the front or back of a truck or rover, driving near a power connection point makes the item fall off. It only happens when the outline for the connection tube appears. I've experienced this on the Steam version, playing with a mouse and keyboard, although I've noticed the same thing happening in several YouTube videos, as well. If the description isn't clear enough, I can certainly hunt down one of said videos.