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  1. I just fell in a large rover... straight to the core. The inside of the planet looks like giant mint green blocks with beveled edges. You can see mineral deposits since the space all around the vehicle is open and nearly planet-sized, but the colors of resources are different (purple stuff, dark blue stuff). I now am just bouncing up and down around the core. Guess eventually I will settle there. Tried restarting the game, but I am in the same place. Have to see what happens when I dismount. At least I have oxygen. ?
  2. Platform: Windows 10 laptop (thinkpad E450), mouse I like the update changes, but without warning the game now crashes. There is nothing specific I am doing each time. The game resets to the last save point and all progress is lost. I have gathered and researched the same items half a dozen or more times, tried to save after each time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it goes back to the previous save. There are no Astro crash logs or Steamapp crash logs for these times (the last one's listed are from April), which I find puzzling, so I have no data to share. -TSG