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  1. How do I...?

    Utilises "Methode Meridien":
  2. Screen Brightness

    Any recommendations about adjusting the game brightness? I tried the display controls and set brightness to -50 (the lowest), but it's still so bright I have a hard time seeing in the daytime without wearing sunglasses while I play the game. I often lose track of the cursor and cannot clearly interact with "ghosted" objects waiting to be socketed or built. If I turn my monitor brightness down things just get pale and fade out to dark. Seems it may be more of a contrast issue, but my monitor works find for everything else. Does anyone use special video settings just for the game? What do you all do for this? Thanks.
  3. I find the Inhibitor Mod a very useful augment. Mainly I use it for gathering organics without making holes everywhere and for rock/stalagmite removal. Occasionally, I high-center my rover and have tried using the mod to pop the rocks from underneath the vehicle. However, after the rock disappears, the rover is still stuck on an invisible obstruction until I take the mod off the deform tool and dig down/fill the hole. Vehicle acts as if the rock is still present when it has disappeared. Digging is not just a little bit. I have to dig down the same amount that it would take for the rock to fall into the hole and be below the surface and then disappear before I can fill the hole and free the rover, even though there was no rock.
  4. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    Maybe MG will have more use in the future when the number of worlds is increased. For example, if you went to a hydrocarbon-heavy planet, maybe the atmosphere would be too thick or the distance from the sun too far for reliable solar power. That would leave wind (maybe, maybe not depending on the planet) and hydrocarbon fueled sources of power. I have used the MG several times, mainly on Tundra. The system I set up there always entails lots of batteries. MG was useful either at the poles or when I set up in a valley with only short spans of sunlight. What I still don't understand is why the wind turbines are still during storms... I do know about furling in windvanes to prevent overcycle damage, but the vanes should at least run just before or just after a storm.
  5. "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    Rovers: Agree. Terra now feels like Barren. They behave fine until the first "wheelie", then they always do it, wheels barely make contact with ground, etc. Tethers need fixing too. I don't mind, however, that they stay put when hit with a rover. Think about it. With the way the rovers handle, you would be constantly re-setting your tether lines because of them being knocked over.
  6. I personally did not like having to tear up most of the terrain around my base for soil. My habit of covering over mining holes so that the crazy rovers don't take a wrong turn and fall in required me to go father and farther away to consume mountains just for a little canister of dirt. Same goes for building ramps down into caverns. I do like the sediment filter idea, though. Not having any energy concerns from the backpack was convenient, but not challenging. Changed way too much of the game dynamics.
  7. "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    It's an inconvenience to be certain, but I actually like the added realism. Fierce storms! Now, if only forward were always forward on the rovers so that you can predict how they move... that would be great. I never understood the whole reason for switching movement keys based on view angle.
  8. How do I...?

    Just use a single resin and make a node, then make new modules off of that. If you used all 5 ports off of the habitat, you're all done. Only alternatives are discover "habitat" and start a new base right next to your original or... build a shuttle, land at an LZ near your base, build off the out-port (one-time, use a resin to make a node, *then* build new modules off of that). Option 2 requires you to drive back and forth a but, but it's workable.
  9. Research in 0.3.102 "Fundamentally Broken"

    Research in 201 is bizarre. I know the theory is that once you research an object, that's it for new discoveries. You just get raw materials after that. Same goes when you research all the objects in an object class. But... I have found that re-researching stuff you already worked on yields new discoveries. How does that work? I can't tell you. Example: I was collecting green fuzzy balls from under fungi to get some raw materials. I had already learned "small wind turbine" or something from it. Anyway, on another planet I collected the same objects. Got some stuff (hydrazine, aluminum, resin, etc.), then it gave research: "small battery". So, apparently the same old object on a new planet can give research.
  10. Vehicle physics solved?!

    I found the large rover to be more stable. Never does back flips, although research to get it takes forever. The small rover is a nightmare. I have noticed that it will behave well for a time, then once it does the first back flip, it then has a great tendency to back flip. Even on level ground with no obstacles, accelerate to full speed and the front end raises off the ground into a flip. As far as flying vehicles, had problems with that also. They eventually land if given enough time (at least on my maps). The small one killed me once while I was smelting. Fell with a slam right on top of me. At least I died next to the hab...
  11. Seeds

    Can't get lost if you try this method:
  12. Vehicle physics solved?!

    Besides now not being able to reliably control which direction the thing goes, for the large rover I have died several times and had to run back to it because I ejected before it was at a complete stop. Not talking about rolling like thunder, talking about crawling along to the point where it makes no dust. Dismount, red screen, squash, death = corpse run. Why can't we side dismount? Think about it. How many times have your exited the front of your car? Except for an old BMW Isetta, most of us have side doors on our cars and go out the side. Anyway, just my two {insert your favorite currency here}.
  13. unable to start new base

    The out-ports on the two space craft are one-time use ports. If you landed your shuttle and built a module off the out-port, you're done. Can't use it again (it is inactivated). For the large shuttle, you get two shots. So... if you have not researched the habitat yet, make sure to use extra resin and make a node off the ship first (as if the node was a habitat), then add modules off the node.
  14. Hi Everyone, Any of you ever get frustrated by getting lost during exploration? Get turned around in that cave, come out a different entrance and never see your base again? Well suffer no further! Here is a [near] foolproof method of GLOBAL navigation, tried, tested and verified: The Beacon Meridian Method. Fig 1. The Beacon Meridian Method of global navigation. Step 1: Make beacons. For example, you will eventually need about 10-14 depending on terrain for Terran. Step 2: Drive North from your base, dropping beacons as you go (see Fig 1, second panel). Be sure to look over your shoulder and keep the last beacon in sight. Ideally, you should be able to approach one beacon and see the next on the horizon. Step 3: North Pole. Make a short column and place a beacon on top. Step 4: Drive back to base along your beacon meridian and continue South, dropping beacons as you go (see Fig 1, third panel). Step 5: South Pole. Make a short column and place a beacon on top. Sounds great, but... how do I use it to navigate??? ----> SOLUTION: If you get lost, just drive by dead-reckoning until you reach the beacon line. If you have no clue at all which way to go, drive West or East and you will encounter the beacon meridian (see Fig 1, fourth panel). Then head North or South. If you are really lost, you will end up at one of the poles before reaching your base (evidenced by the column, so don't bother looking for the next beacon) and simply have to turn around and go in the opposite direction, eventually reaching your base. Using this system, you can explore the entire planet and never worry about not making it back home. I hope you all find this useful. Cheers! -TSG
  15. Game freeze and eventual crash in process of collecting compound. Steam client version. Windows 10 latest updates, i5 2.2 GHz, 8 MB RAM, Intel HD Graphics Integrated 5500 with 256 MB onboard running game at 720p. Attached log file. For some reason, the dates in log are not correct (one day off; 12th instead of 13th). Astro-backup-2017.02.13-16.41.16.log