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  1. Worms cannot be "opened" with the Crane & Drill Head?

    Yeah. Stick with Sarlaccs. More science fictiony.
  2. Worms cannot be "opened" with the Crane & Drill Head?

    Dude, think you're in the wrong game forum. Minecraft has bedrock, not Astroneer. If you can cut through in Minecraft, leads to the void and death. Astroneer has no bedrock whatsoever. You can mine from one side of the planet to the other. Just gets weird near the core: no gravity. Have not seen any worms.... have seen some tunicates on Radiated, though.
  3. Astroneer Backstory... bit 'o fun

    Eh... backstory for Astroneer. Ergo, the title of the thread. The premise of the game makes no sense without one: You don't know anything. They send you out into space, drop you on a planet. You have to learn how to make basic components. Why didn't you learn that at the space academy or during your engineering degree in college? Because.... anyway, got a better one? All ears...
  4. Just found some Astronium, now what?

    Unusual. An acquired taste to be sure. Very similar to chewing tin foil with a dusting of chalk and garnished with paprika...
  5. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    Eh, whatcha gonna do? Just gotta go acapella... "Now we are ready to sail for the horn, weigh hey! roll n go!..."
  6. How do I...?

    Yup. Build a wall. I make them like cylinders (on their sides, like stripes of toothpaste) so that balls spin down and get caught instead of rolling over the walls. Make a bump-out near the breaches ("door") to help keep out the balls. Not too hard, but I honestly have not made an Arid base since the excavation update. Seems now you would have to bulldoze a mountain to get enough sediment canisters to build walls enough for a sizable base. Or... you could just play dodge ball.
  7. "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    If you produce energy in excess of what the research station uses, it will go to batteries, smelter, etc. Also, if you place an energy generator near or on what you want to power, it will get first priority in charging up the cells. Just have to max out your energy production. I will say, however, that the new updates provide much more wind power on Terran. Wind turbines used to be worthless there, but now you can get power most of the night with proper placement.
  8. Overwhelm by the over saturation

    I like it!
  9. Astroneer Backstory People have tossed this about in the forums as an idea, but I believe Astroneer needs a strong backstory. If the game were something abstract, it is not necessary. However, for me, anyway, there needs to be a cohesive plotline. This is my submission. So, here goes nothing… ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In the early morning work hours of a Monday, Clarence Markham Federson stared out the window of his office and reflected on last night’s meeting. It was with Hamilton Reynolds, operations, and Gustin Meloncon, finance. The numbers did not look good. Too much fat on the hog. The new retirement benefits assurance bill was passed in the senate last night. Now Cyanotech was soaked. “Psssh. Damn. Stockholder’s are gonna kill me.” He took another sip of bourbon. Yeah, it was only 6:00, but why not go with it, ease into a very, very long day. “Morning, Sir. We have a full plate today, but I think we need to go over a few particulars before we get started.” It was Milford, my executive assistant. Good kid. Keeps me on task. God, I’d rather be out playing golf than dealing with all this rinky-dinky B.S. “Ok, Mil. Lay it on me. Let’s get this rodeo started.” “Well, look boss. I got the low-down on how the books will look next Fall when the RBA bill is implemented. We need to do something and fast. Our payroll will be beyond topped out. If we burn employees, the union will eat us alive in court.” He took another sip. “Yep. Know it. Ideas, cowboy?” “Got some. Hear me out. This year’s topic of national obsession is all about job creation. But everything is at a dead stop. Now, we just acquired a controlling interest through a leveraged buy-out in Exo Dynamics.” “What? The plastics company? And this is supposed to make me feel better…?” “No. Yes. I mean it will. But, Exo is the off-world mining company that…” “Oh, yeah. Right. So, you going somewhere with this? ‘Cause I ain’t got all day.” Wow, the bourbon was really starting to kick in. “Boss, I need you to focus, just for a few minutes. Exo we grabbed up on the cheap because it’s a flop. The guys on the board pushed for it because of the potential and the mining claims they hold, which are a lot. They just have not been able to make anything of them…” “Go on.” “Ok, well, here’s the thing. We have a lot of retirements coming down the pike soon. Lifer’s with the company, working the line. Big, big pensions. With the new RBA legislation, it will eat us alive when they retire. Why not promote them?” “Promote… are you crazy? Oh, let’s just throw some fire on the gasoline! Er, well you know what I meant.” “I understand. Hear me out. I feel we need to saturate Exo’s claims with miners. Lots and lots of miners. Some will work out, some won’t.” “And how does… ok, you lost me, kid.” “Give these near retirees with no education working the line the promotion of a lifetime: The promise of adventure and wealth. Let’s send them to space… to mine.” He drained the last bit of his glass. “Hmmf, hmm, sounds expensive. Not buying it.” “It’s not really. Our expense will be shipping them out there, in, I don’t know, some kind of simple pod. Couple of basic tools, no training, and we only take 25% of their profits. Most won’t make it, which takes them off our books since the contract will also state that they lose pension vestment if they accept. Those that are successful, well, we make money…” “I like it! That’s a fantastic idea. Wait until I tell the board what I am going to do. Yes, it will also look good for me if I decide to throw my hat on that congressional seat opening next term. Eh, you’re coming along for the ride, Milford, of course.” “Thank you, sir.”
  10. How do I...?

    Utilises "Methode Meridien":
  11. Screen Brightness

    Any recommendations about adjusting the game brightness? I tried the display controls and set brightness to -50 (the lowest), but it's still so bright I have a hard time seeing in the daytime without wearing sunglasses while I play the game. I often lose track of the cursor and cannot clearly interact with "ghosted" objects waiting to be socketed or built. If I turn my monitor brightness down things just get pale and fade out to dark. Seems it may be more of a contrast issue, but my monitor works find for everything else. Does anyone use special video settings just for the game? What do you all do for this? Thanks.
  12. I find the Inhibitor Mod a very useful augment. Mainly I use it for gathering organics without making holes everywhere and for rock/stalagmite removal. Occasionally, I high-center my rover and have tried using the mod to pop the rocks from underneath the vehicle. However, after the rock disappears, the rover is still stuck on an invisible obstruction until I take the mod off the deform tool and dig down/fill the hole. Vehicle acts as if the rock is still present when it has disappeared. Digging is not just a little bit. I have to dig down the same amount that it would take for the rock to fall into the hole and be below the surface and then disappear before I can fill the hole and free the rover, even though there was no rock.
  13. Does anyone use the Medium Generator?

    Maybe MG will have more use in the future when the number of worlds is increased. For example, if you went to a hydrocarbon-heavy planet, maybe the atmosphere would be too thick or the distance from the sun too far for reliable solar power. That would leave wind (maybe, maybe not depending on the planet) and hydrocarbon fueled sources of power. I have used the MG several times, mainly on Tundra. The system I set up there always entails lots of batteries. MG was useful either at the poles or when I set up in a valley with only short spans of sunlight. What I still don't understand is why the wind turbines are still during storms... I do know about furling in windvanes to prevent overcycle damage, but the vanes should at least run just before or just after a storm.
  14. "Patch 201" - September 15th, 2017

    Rovers: Agree. Terra now feels like Barren. They behave fine until the first "wheelie", then they always do it, wheels barely make contact with ground, etc. Tethers need fixing too. I don't mind, however, that they stay put when hit with a rover. Think about it. With the way the rovers handle, you would be constantly re-setting your tether lines because of them being knocked over.
  15. I personally did not like having to tear up most of the terrain around my base for soil. My habit of covering over mining holes so that the crazy rovers don't take a wrong turn and fall in required me to go father and farther away to consume mountains just for a little canister of dirt. Same goes for building ramps down into caverns. I do like the sediment filter idea, though. Not having any energy concerns from the backpack was convenient, but not challenging. Changed way too much of the game dynamics.