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  1. pumpkinmeerkat

    Excavation Update - Tethers

    General questions and comments about tethers in the new update... They are solid objects once again - does this mean the issues with adding many physical objects into a world have been resolved? The tether line seems to be a bit more fiddly than previous builds. Line is often missing in some sections while still remaining connected. Easily fixed by replacing but still seems to have more issues than previous builds. Placement. Can we have an option in controls for the old placement mode? I much prefer more control in placement vs. easier placement when sprinting. Maybe bring back the old placement mode where the tether was equipped with T and have a double tap drop in place as in the current build. Opinions and impressions are based on PC version of the game. I played a bit in the most recent experimental build but have not sunk a large amount of time into a save for a few months time.
  2. pumpkinmeerkat

    Priorities - What do you want now?

    Desync and items glitching through terrain are the most annoying bugs at the moment. Desync in particular makes multiplayer more hassle than it's worth IMO. BUT, I think the game works more than well enough for an alpha so I hope they continue to push new content for us to test and search for while bugs and technical issues get sorted
  3. pumpkinmeerkat

    Found a dead body

    Many things left to find Have fun!
  4. pumpkinmeerkat

    disappearing Trucks

    A lot of the common bugs currently in the game were discussed and explained in a recent dev stream. More of an issue in multiplayer but happens when playing solo as well.
  5. pumpkinmeerkat

    Flat surfaces...what's the big deal?!

    Flatten tool extends whatever surface you start from. If you're starting with terrain that isn't perfectly smooth you need to pick the correct polygon to start from to get a smooth surface at a specific angle. Helps make flat things or things flat.
  6. pumpkinmeerkat

    Feb. 9 - EXPERIMENTAL build updated, HELP NEEDED!

    Not sure if this is a bug or intended model change. When running the large astroneer looks a bit off IMO.
  7. pumpkinmeerkat

    A Small Peek for the Next Big Update

    Maybe the new module will allow us to do something with resources that are currently unused? Could just be an updated model for a current module as well. Either way much excite New flora <3 <3 <3
  8. pumpkinmeerkat

    Where is the core?

    Have you hit astronium yet?
  9. pumpkinmeerkat

    Suggestions: Flatten Tool, Landing Areas

    @Marz Definitely takes some time to get used to but it works! Extends the surface your crosshair is on when you begin flattening. Since most surfaces have many facets/polygons it can be hard to find one that is perfectly flat to start from.
  10. pumpkinmeerkat

    Suggestions: Flatten Tool, Landing Areas

    @rabbiferret The power issue could be a bug or change in 119. Last I tried was in 117. Like the idea of a surface flattener. Could easily be another modifier for the deform tool. Usually takes a few tries to find just the right surface to start flattening from
  11. pumpkinmeerkat

    Suggestions: Flatten Tool, Landing Areas

    Landing spaceships has been discussed A LOT. Plenty of bugs reported and suggestions made Flatten tool can be finicky. Currently works as intended (or at least well enough). Probably not a high priority item but certainly could see improvements down the road. Rock breaker is a good suggestion. A way for your character to easily carry/move them would also be great. The rover can be connected to the large solar array and to a base node to provide solar power to the base. If you need to move the solar array you can do so with a winch after deforming it free. Once you have it placed where you want it save and leave game and it will be fixed in place when you re-enter the save. Not sure why your panel wouldn't be providing power if it's connected to both.
  12. pumpkinmeerkat

    dont want to brag...

    As with lithium and titanium, astronium deposits are attached to large rocks. When digging deep you should run into a bunch of these deposits. The resources attached to the outside of the deposit can be harvested with the deform tool and the core of the deposit can be mined with a drill head.
  13. pumpkinmeerkat

    A Plea From a Happy Dad

    @Norm Clark dev streams are a great source of inspiration! Some juicy future-content hits as well Live on Twitch VODs on YouTube.
  14. pumpkinmeerkat

    Treasure Coordinates

    Low percentage chance of finding coordinates on the backpacks of dead astroneers. The coordinates would be shown on the world view from orbit. Coordinates could be located on any planet in the solar system, no hint as to which planet upon initial discovery. After landing at nearest location hints or puzzles would lead to loot, coolness, or maybe just a good screenshot opportunity.