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  1. I love Astroneer. As of now I conside the game unplayable. Most other bug I can deal with as the game is in early alpha but recently I'm having major issues with driving vehicles. I don't know why but some of my trucks and rovers suddenly stop responding to my driving controlls (keyboard or controller). They seam to only go reverse and very slowly if it moves at all. I tried swapping the seat around and removing all added slots but still nothing. First it was just my rover so I decided to tow it home with my truck but then the truck had the same issue. I tried adding storage and changing the direction the seat faced thinking it was some kind of orientation issue but still nothing. I didn't have this issue in earlier patches idk if that matters. Again I love this game and you devs are awesome pleasee keep up the great work. Side note: When ever I exit a truck the character model gets stuck in between the front tires and causes the truck to do sick kick flips. Annoying when I'm trying to hook up a caravan or connect it to a base but looks great when it sticks the landing. Hope this makes some sense
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    Rework of the Fuel Condenser

    This is perfect. Trading eliminates the need for space travel and exploration.