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  1. Klattu

    My truck

    And how do you transport your stuff? )
  2. Klattu

    Advocating for no mini-map

    Hi, i don't agree with you. Since the Age of Discovery people have always been using MAPS. It's a must in exploration, and if u don't want to use it, there should be an option where u can switch it off. P.S. I can't believe that people going out into Space don't have any navigator or a map. The best solution is to create a diary- map where u can mark interesting spots, put down notes etc...
  3. Klattu

    [Merged] Broken Planet

    The same problem.
  4. Klattu

    It might be useful

    Thanks a lot to all of you guys. The game is fantastic. Will do my best to help the devs improve it!
  5. Klattu

    It might be useful

    1) Make a MINI MAP! Guys! it's 25th century and the protagonist does't have any navigator at all!!!! You might create some kind of an interactive map where a player can mark some places, put down notes. It will be really useful in exploring the planet. Some kind of a diary-map. 2) Drop of FPS. no comments... Should be fixed 3) The windstorm turned over my shuttle and i wasn't able to fly away anymore. 4) When you expand your base and have 4 platforms from your initial capsule u can't keep on expanding cause it's impossible to do from the platform. It should be fixed. 5) It was really funny to float through textures. This happens constantly when you start terra forming under the character. 6) Make vehicles more realistic, please. I mean driving them is really hard and doesn't give any pleasure. When your vehicle can get a trolley it becomes really hard to drive, it needs more power to pull some cargo. Please do it. 6) It will be fantastic if you make a season change. I mean the weather should change. (rain, snow, floods etc....) 7) The day is much shorter than the night. It shouldn't be like this. 8) The stars and the planets move too fast in the sky. It makes me a bit dizzy. Will be glad if you slow down them a bit. 9) It's really inconvenient to transport all the artifacts u find. May be u should make them smaller when u get them in the rucksack. (like all the minerals as u make them smaller when picking up)