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  1. Guys i think the developers are building the space station that i've requested, i was going around on youtube when i found this the "thing" that they are building in this live looks like the space station that we were talking about!
  2. well, subnautica is a game that i love and yeah maybe my idea it's a bit similiar to the game but with more astroneer characteristic ?
  3. So i was thinking to add a water planet (with only water), you can explore it only by using the submarine that you have to build in the cargo ship. The cargo ship is a big ship that csn transport materials and some vehicles. You can build the ship near the space station (i talk about this here) For building it you need 20 alluminium and 20 copper and 2 astronium, its alimented by idrazine. Discuss about the aspect of the cargo ship, the submarine and other ideas to add in this topic
  4. The space station is in i was imagine that for unlocking new tecnology you have to explore the space where you can find maybe destroyed ships or other thing where you can find new things to research. The bank system is just where you can storage a big amount of materials, nothing else for now. The space station is in the orbit of a planet that you choose when you start building it (so you have to build it from 0) and can't move. So once you started building it, you can't move it anymore. It's powered by big solar panels (like the one on the space station that we really have in the orbit of earth) and the power is storaged in big batteries (those are thing that you need to craft at the beginning for the SP). NPCs will come once the space station have multiples landing pads (that you have to build), they can't interact with the space station but only with the player, for trading and maybe give some missions (like "go on arid and take my technology that i've lost there) once the mission is completed the npc wil give to you some materials that are common or rare (it depends by the mission, if it's hard or easy to do). The NPCs kind is randomly generated so there aren't more rare or not, they just have different forms.
  5. Thanks for these questions, they are really useful! I'll answer them in order: They have trading ports (but you need to craft them), yeah it will be so cool to be a little space-town, i imagine it like the one in the pic. but with the circles that keep moving, you can only acces to it by landing, its allways accesible but only if its in range with the ship (like the planets), you can move in it for going from a place to another (the space station it's big, so i imagine that you can craft some transport vehicles in it but more smoller than a rover), for now its accesible only to players but maybe in the future some "aliense" can come there for trading stuff! The space station will take form by adding other places with a specific role (like landing site, frabtication room etc.) so the player can give to it the estetic that he wants. I think that this will add some more gameplay to the game, it's not a thing comparable to the actual one already in the game. (Sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm italian )
  6. totally agree with you, but i think food it's a big error to add
  7. love this idea! i think they need to add ice and water too!
  8. Personally i don't like this idea, i think this game isn't a "real" survival (so no food) and isn't an MMO (no classes), i think the game logic needs to stay the same
  9. It will be cool to add a space station for this game where you can land with the space ship, go around, expand it and have utilities like a planet base!