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  1. Raytheon

    Research dynamite on old save, how?

    I have the same experience. I'm fully researched, running 125 on my original game from 117 on PC laptop. I've attempted to research multiple loots on each planet to achieve the dynamite blueprint but so far just material, mostly Titanium, and no blueprint. Are we missing a trick, finding a bug or need to start a new game? Cheers
  2. Raytheon

    "125" - February 16th, 2017

    Updated to 125, did a round visit to all 6 planets with my bases and game running great, top job! (Asus G751-JY laptop packing i7 4870HQ, GTX 980m, 32gb ram, SSD) Cheers Notes - Ground objects initially spawned at default ground level but reset to the current terrain level after I moved away and back in to reload them. - Notable terrain tares this time with parts of the ground at different heights to previous 119 build leaving some tether points floating. - Radiated's ground monsters also spawned in slightly different locations to previous 119 build. (Guessing these issues are to do with scenery reset/respawn or something?) - Graphics menu defaults game to 1600x900 when opened instead of my 1920x1080.
  3. Raytheon

    Screenshots Megathread

    When the Galaxy crumbles under the might of your new Empire ...
  4. Raytheon

    Screenshots Megathread

    When you dig a big hole and surf your own corpse to the bottom
  5. Raytheon

    A modding Community

    The ability to make all these bonkers ideas ourselves with your tools. You know, when the game is fully released and patched stable etc. Breadcrumbs for the future Cheers
  6. Raytheon

    Screw this Game

    Generally your materials will have fallen though the surface and will be in a cave below where you had them. Your car will be orbiting Terran, I hope you had insurance.
  7. Raytheon

    Corny Message For The Devs

    6 people rekd a AAA title with a pre-alpha tech demo. That is literally the gaming definition of success. The game is spectacular.
  8. Raytheon

    The most OP thing in the game! (Clickbait title)

    The Terrain Tool IS the game. It'd just be another space explorer-them-up without it and new ones of those get posted weekly on steam. That and the planets are such a scale that doing the things you mention take actual days to complete. Is that not playing the game? If anything I'd like to see the tool taken further with upgraded different heads that modify the terrain in different ways
  9. Raytheon

    To fill or not to fill?

    Best flatten / cap it off so you don't constantly dump your truck in a giant hole. Currently I don't believe mats regrow so you don't need to replace the surface.
  10. Raytheon

    hours played

    48h this end or in gamer terms 14 cans of lager, 3 takeaways, 9 new spots and another 48h single
  11. Raytheon

    Sandstorm Idea

    I agree! I was pretty nervous landing on Barren for the first time expecting a Astroneer killing thing to happen at any moment. More dangerous things would be a lot of fun! Also Darude
  12. Raytheon

    Too beautiful for my pc to run.

    I'm on an i7 980m 30gb ram SSD last gen laptop and I've not yet hit game affecting fps drop. Arguably if you want to eat cake you have to buy cake. Don't forget the game is pre-alfa, your're playing a slightly more content richer demo that you'd play at EGX / PAX etc. For how far into the development it is, its a brilliantly constructed and well executed game!
  13. Raytheon

    The driving experience

    It's a strange method of driving, feels like direction is based on compass angle - forward is north etc. My 2 cents would be nice try on an other worldly different gravity type driving feel but it needs to be less floaty / more standard directionally as I feel it detracts from the process of gameplay. Currently driving is a bit of a pain when I'm trying to do something complicated to gain mats, I want to be focused on the gathering rather than the driving.
  14. Raytheon

    Unknown item with blinking light

    Pretty harmless plant but it'll try to gas you to death if you kill it. Occasionally they'll drop material, assuming it should be organic but mine currently drop tethers which is a handy bug lol.
  15. Raytheon

    What's This

    It's the decomposed remains of Jebediah Kerman