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  1. I think that sediment canisters should be like a upgrade. You harvest sediment in the nugget form, but if you have a empty canister, it can store up to 4 sediments nuggets inside, like a "Condensed Soil Canister". It won't change the way we use it, it will just make more sense. And I never thought of the O2 that doesn't need a canister, if you need a canister to harvest O2 after your oxygen supply is complete would add a little bit more difficult to the early game but i think it would be fun
  2. The research 2.0 update was a blast! No more praying to the RNG falsegods! It was a huge step on the right way! I have a personal problem with the terrain tool and how destructive it is on the 25th century. If you are going to another planet with an an agressive fauna, no breatheable air, no food to harvest cooper, aluminium, lithium and titanium, it's because your home planet is already destroyed. So what you do? bring a tool that transform soil into nothing! After 4 centuries we learned nothing about sustainability. I have some suggestions for this moral problem Make a new starter tool, a displacement-type tool. Like a snow blower. You remove the terrain from the front and deposit on the side, you will be able to harvest resources like organics and minerals, but not the soil. When you have enough bytes, you unlock the terrain tool as we know it. Create a new function to the Mineral Extractor or create a new machine to refine soil. With the actual tool, when you harvest soil without a canister, instead of destroying it, make a soil nugget, just like every other resource, then afterwards, you put this soil in the machine, with some canisters and convert it into usable soil canisters. A machine that transforms spike plants seeds into soil Today, the only thing that we can reproduce is the spike plants, so what if we could convert it seeds to soil? This machine could cost something like 5.000 bytes, so it's a endgame piece. That way we will destroy the planet but we will have a sustainable way to get soil without the destruction of the planet. What do you guys think? ~~All hail the Zebra Ball~~
  3. Just saw that i posted it in general discussion instead of bug report... Sorry mods... feel free to move this topic...
  4. Just started a new game on the and the most important part of the game was missing! THE AMAZING SOUNDEFFECTS!! As you can see in the video below. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8pjhrq4eutyt9rb/2017-09-16 11-47-13.mp4?dl=0 Some other things to notice: -My backpack energy is infinite, even when i'm crafting the tethers -When i opened the Settings Menu the FPS dropped to 1 and didn't came back until i closed the game.
  5. Summary: 155 - Steam - Researched Energy Cell bug / Chair clipping trough ground Description: Research blank and "Oxygen" on patch 155 Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 155 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 4460 3,2GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti 2GB RAM: Corsair 2x 4gb Drive: Westen Digital 1 TB
  6. This was my first chair in this save, indeed i was trying to fly, but this time just the chair went in the adventure
  7. Summary: 153 - Steam - Researched Energy Cell bug / Chair clipping trough ground Description: The first one was the energy cell, when i researched, it doesn't show on my bag (two saves in a row) The second one, the chair clipped trough the ground, it also happened when i was flying with it, i went to the core of the planet... Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 153 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel i5 4460 3,2GHz GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti 2GB RAM: Corsair 2x 4gb Drive: Westen Digital 1 TB Video of the bugs attached. Astro_bugs.avi
  8. When i was the client playing with my friend, the gas plants started attacking me from under the ground, they were inside a cave and i was on the surface, then i died, like a heart attack, after that i saw the green gas coming from the ground. It didn't happened on single player yet.
  9. Nice ideia, but i think it must be a craftable map, maybe a use for Astronium or Iron
  10. What do you guys think if we have a name for each type of research pod after we research them for the first time? It would be easy to keep track of what we already have researched.
  11. Original title: Game crashing - patch 122 / Black tethers I noticed that every time you enter your vehicle seat right after placing a tether or snapping a research cube on your car, the game crashes. But only if you make it to quickly, like place the tether and in 0.2sec, enter the vehicle, the game crashes. Another one: if you have a long chain of tethers, then remove one tether that isn't the last one, when you place on the right spot again, you lose your power/oxygen connection, the only way to fix the line is going back to your base or driving a roover near the line, i don't know why, but doing this turns the supply back on. I don't have any screenshots right now, but tonight i will try to replicate and take some
  12. Platform(s): SteamLocation: BrazilLanguage(s): Portuguese and EnglishMicrophone: Yes (Discord, Curse, Skype)Looking for: 1-3 chimpsCan play from: Monday ~ Friday from 5pm EST to 8pm, Weekends: All dayCan Host: YesComment: Love to help building bases and making funny stuff. Comment 2: I'm working on a deathrace/Minefield minigame, accepting new ideas Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/loss182/
  13. This is one of the uses for the new seed: edit: also, put a seed on the ground, wait a few seconds and then put it into a friend backpack. Just... Just try it.
  14. Wow! Your pyramid is perfectly symmetrical, and huuuuge! I made a small one with a zebra ball display inside, look http://imgur.com/gallery/q7NnK
  15. So i just had the ideia to build a maze in the game, but i need help to design it, there is someone out there who has the skill of creating mazes? We can make a multiple entrance maze so we can challenge our friends to see who makes to the center faster WHITOUT oxygen supplies! So if there is anyone who wants to help me, just add me on steam! Please, leave your suggestions and design ideas! ~All hail the Zebra Ball~