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  1. Hello everyone! It has been way too long since I last visited the forums! What has everyone been up to? Is the Zebra ball still a thing!? Any new forum staff members!? Fill me in!
  2. They are simply there for some pretty aesthetics
  3. Apologies for the super late reply... The only reason I made this thread PC specific was because I only own the PC version and I cannot just make up an assumption on how to do the same for Xbox
  4. Sadly as I do not own the Xbox One version of Astroneer so I am unable to help you any further from this point... Hopefully someone from the community notes your problem and can help you out
  5. Currently there is no known fix for this... Some discussions online suggest re-installing your OS but only one discussion confirmed that this worked, all of the rest never tried...
  6. hey indiecrypt would you like to play some astroneer together sometime?


    1. IndieCrypt


      Sure :D I play the Steam version ;) I apologise for the late reply... I have been busy lately :) 

  7. If anyone owns the Xbox One version of Astroneer and you know the location of the save files would you be so kind as to fill us in? It will be much appreciated!
  8. You cannot edit a post after fifteen minutes...
  9. Yeah this could work I think the best thing about the P.O.D is that it is rather easily modified to new ideas
  10. So nothing appears at all? No Steam messages or errors? Nothing?
  11. All great improvements And maybe instead of dropping straight down when it runs out of power it enters your backpack, if there is space, and it can use the power from a battery in your inventory to re-power or something similar!?