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  1. Ha, I do have some ideas for this, but they don't involve the tethers at the moment. Picture the new idea as being sort of the "upgraded" version of the tether lines, conceptually right in between the clunky, unwieldy resin base hubs and tethers. The rough idea would be a printable item that would take up an entire backpack slot (unlike the tethers which take up essentially 1/11th of a slot). And which would allow you to extend out much longer base conduits without it making a giant hub with the 2-slot at each little juncture. You could make any individual conduit line as long as you'd wa
  2. I think the interesting aspect of hunger would be its potential for how it interacts with other big aspects of the game, including basebuilding and in the future, farming. There is something about this overall fantasy of carving out a long-term niche on an initially hostile world that's appealing about this. I agree with the sentiments about how it would be silly to add another bar to the game/backpack indicating how hungry the Astroneer is and then just kill them when it hits zero. Makes me wonder if there wasn't a more interesting and interactive way to incorporate the benefits from eatin
  3. Hey Everyone! I've just put a build live to the [beta] branch, which you can opt into with Right-Click-ASTRONEER, Properties, Betas. As always, please only do this if you're willing to put up with things like broken save games and generally buggy behavior! If you'd like to help us out, play in the beta branch and look for any new bugs that you are unable to find in on the live branch. Please ONLY comment if you know for sure that you've found a bug that only exists in the new build (not just an already existing bug). If we're confident that we haven't broken anythin