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    My Crane Is Stuck!

    Update: I was not able to dig it out or under the surface to cover it. I was however able to take the truck and ram it a few times to get it loose and on the surface again! Now it sits in silence. Is there a way to now attach it to my truck???
  2. LifetSavert911

    Spawning Underground

    Almost every time I begin a new game or spawn after dying, I begin underground or inside the planet. Just trying to report this issue. Sometimes it corrects and I slowly ascend to the surface. Other times I die inside a cave where I am. If I hold jump I can get to the surface faster. Thank you.
  3. LifetSavert911

    [Merged] Vehicle Issues

    Every once in a while my truck gets stuck in the ground and I can't control it. It also will jump about 20 feet in the air and about 20 feet away from me when I get out. I guess at the scale based on my guess at my height. Any bug squashing going on or a fix yet? I know if I save and come back it fixes most issues. I'm guessing because the engine then reloads the assets.
  4. LifetSavert911

    My Crane Is Stuck!

    Lol! Yeah I've learned some hard lessons too. The wiki helps but it doesn't give you all the information so I learned some things along the way. I remember the first sand storm. I tried to get back to base and got killed by a rock (cube..). I then decided in the next one to dig a hole and hide but due to some bugs, I fell inside the planet and died. The worst one was recently, I went into a cave and thought it kept going only to fall down a floor or so next to some gas spewing plant that can kill you pretty fast in my rover. I terraformed myself a bridge and drove out. It would be nice if you could pick up the vehicles AND cranes like research or any other item. I will probably start a new game after I get the hang if it more. I would like to know what I want to do and in what order and then start a new game. I think this game has tons of replay value.
  5. LifetSavert911

    My Crane Is Stuck!

    Sorry about the "Reveal hidden contents" section. I can't figure out how to delete it and I cannot even get into the post to edit it again. I'm new to this forum.
  6. LifetSavert911

    My Crane Is Stuck!

    I am new to the game so I did something to see what would happen. I created a shuttle and then tried to create a crane. After I created the crane, it was having collision issues. I took of the habitat and the crane fell off the shuttle. Now, the crane is in the ground upside down next to my vehicle bay. There is a tether attachment like for vehicles or the habitat and I can use this. I cannot get my crane out of the ground and therefore cannot use it. Any way to fix this? If not, at least it will be a known bug. Thank you.