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  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo. There is already a compass and there are already beacons. We don't need a mapping system. That is a terrible idea in my opinion.
  2. So, what you're saying for the tech tree is that with this "science currency" you would buy these different tech items and learn how to make them or get it instantly?
  3. I like a lot of the ideas in here, and to add on for the base building, I think each station, like the printer, vehicle bay, trade platform, etc. should have a system like in some games where you give it the resources but it doesn't build instantly, instead, you could leave the station alone and it would take maybe 10-30 minutes to build depending on its importance. This would really help the satisfaction of progression and would allow you to plan ahead while it is being constructed. Who knows, you could implement a whole system where little flying robots would be animated to be working on the station and you could upgrade those bots to make the construction shorter.
  4. There is nothing really else to say but that there should be planet specific resources. Radiated already has this with coal and I'm sure you guys will do this, but as of right now, coal is the only planet specific resource, I think... Maybe astronium but I don't know about that one. Of course it is a pre-alpha, so I'm sure this is already underway, but just wanted to mention it just in case.
  5. Sebasino


    I'm sure the people at System Era have already thought of this, but just in case, I think meteorites should be added and should fall on the planet a player is currently on every so often. But I think that they should not land near your base because it could very easily cause problems if that happened obviously. But the meteorites could contain goodies such as different types of ores or unique research objects. The research objects could be the rare types that you find on other planets, but these rare research objects could be obtained on a planet that doesn't naturally have this specific research object, but can be obtained through fallen meteorites.
  6. Sebasino

    Drastic FPS Drop

    The fps has dropped for me on Xbox One drastically after building a big base on the first planet Terran. Unfortunately, I could not even get to the next planet without it having extremely low fps. I have made a total of 4 games just to be able to play because the fps makes it very inconvenient to play. The game is extraordinary to play, but the more you do, the more your fps drops. I think this is a problem for everybody. I would like this to be fixed so I can play on my original world. Thank you, and hope you can fix this soon!
  7. Sebasino

    New Hydro Power

    I was thinking that although we already have wind and solar power, there should be a more reliable system of power for your base. This could be hydro power, you guys could introduce water into the game such as rivers or water deposits underground and build pumps leading water to a hydro power generator and providing power for your base.
  8. Sebasino


    Yeah, I personally don't like this idea either. I think it should stick to a creative, free roam, survival feel, like that of Minecraft. Classes would make it too complicated and would make single player less fun, as one player could not have all of those abilities. It would be too multiplayer based.
  9. Sebasino

    Camera Control

    I agree, the camera can be awkward when holding the terraforming tool or while holding any item.
  10. I believe that the terraforming in the game is great already. However, it is not so great for building a house because it is very hard to smooth out the terrain in order to get a nice cube shape. So what I was thinking was that there could be a scroll wheel with your terraforming machine or even just a menu that you could open up that could have maybe 3-6 shapes like a rectangular prism, cube, sphere, pyramid etc. Or there could be a broader array of them and you would need to learn how to make unique shapes with your tool by researching. The shapes would be kind of small, not like huge pre-made structures, but about as tall as your character or a little taller and about 2 or 3 times wider that your player. Putting down a shape would feel the same as regularly terraforming, but your machine would be focused on a specific location and would fill in the ghost outline of the shape you picked out. Once you have built one shape, you could then stack them on top of each other, and it would be nice if they could snap on to each other so it would be easy to build. I believe this would solve the building aspect of this game and would making housing/buildings very interactive with multiple shapes and it would overall be a great addition to the game. Great game, Keep up the work System Era, I think you are on to something great.
  11. Sebasino

    fps drop after a while

    The more you come into contact with different parts of planets or even just one planet, it very quickly begins to drop fps drastically.