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  1. unfortunately edit funktion is only working for some minutes
  2. \o/ thx for the nice words.
  3. nordish

    No to hunger

    thx. for your opinion. Guess I have to agree with that
  4. It's an addition. Please check what happens, when you send the trading ship and with which material it returns?
  5. nordish


    There is a bug + chrash part in this forum.
  6. Known bug. To collect Theters you have either manually put them to your backback or ... have at least a Theter module with min. 1 slot on the upper left of your backback. Than Tether are collected automatically as usual. But when this module has all slots filled you have to exchange it again or add the first Tether manually.
  7. nordish

    No to hunger

    1) You are not answering the question. You are just repeating your own position. 2+3) OK. 4) No. This was no question. It was a statement. 5) It's for me the reply I was expecting. Leave the other opinions to other people. No need, that you have to assume, what they might want. Everybody can speak for his own. You don't need to sacrifice your immersion. This is just another excuse for you behaviour and that you are unwilling to change your opinion.
  8. nordish

    No to hunger

    NO! Where did I mention, that I want that implemented. Where the hell did you read that? This is what I mean. You don't try to discuss. You insult and assume most of the time. Does immersion need to go that far, that hunger is necessary, but sleeping and pooping not? Where is the difference? Again we have already oxygen and energy. Why is hunger so necessary, while sleeping and pooping isn't?
  9. nordish

    No to hunger

    PS: Sleeping and pooping is not exaggerated by the way. In Ark SE you can use poop as fertilizer for example. If hunger is added to increase bonusses for speed and jump strength, why not adding sleeping as well? It will have the same effect and it increases immersion! Please answer this!
  10. nordish

    Are clouds stationary or do they move?

    clouds seem to be only around your starting base (at least for the first planet). Never observed that on other planets (do they even have clouds?).
  11. nordish

    No to hunger

    Read my previous posts please. I will not repeat my view again and again and again for you, while you are constantly ignore it, which leads to your incorrect allegations with regard to my person. And I am not insulting anyone who disagrees. I just can't understand why nobody is answering the questions I raise (what does hunger has to do with Astroneer and the description for example or why is hunger the only possible and for you logical thing to justify farming mechanics or why hunger is increasing immersion, but sleeping, pooping, etc. is never commented?), but instead fabricating assumptions, etc.. One last question: Adding 10% Speed and 5% Jump height is increasing immersion for you? I can understand that hunger is incresing immersion theoretically. But those bonusses are even more unrealistic than eathing through helmet, aren't they? I know you will reply with yes, because you just can't accept changing your opinion or accepting others, who do not match with yours. PS: I'm out of this discussion now until we can try to discuss and not just insult.
  12. nordish

    Advocating for no mini-map

    No. I am still waiting for your reply on my proposal ...
  13. nordish

    Advocating for no mini-map

    -.- honestly? The quality of discussions with you is really low.
  14. self-inflicted! Adapt or leave. This is not hello kitty. We can not expect airbags for all possible mistakes we make as players.
  15. nordish

    Advocating for no mini-map

    did you ever played Elite - Horizon Patch? No?