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    Tutorial Feedback

    Overall, I like the tutorial. A few observations: It can be confusing if you get out of sequence, i.e. get resin before the tutorial tells you to. It could check if you already have completed the next action. Text is small on my TV at distance and I have to lean forwards to read it. Actually this is also true for the current research screen that tells you the bytes and rates. I kept getting a prompt to retrieve my generator and restore power even though power was already full. I think I had to use the generator instance the tutorial expected me to use, as the other ones I had printed didn’t seem to be usable to proceed. Love the wrecked equipment and the need to replace them, hope this with repair options makes it into the game. The shuttle pad is awesome!
  2. There’s plenty of empty space on these and being able to add medium storages to them to feed or receive from printers and smelters re-enables some automation.
  3. I have a chain of 3 rovers, 2 large and one medium. When I try to disconnect one so that I can drive up a slope, the crash happens. Playing on Steam 0.7.0 version. Win 10.
  4. time_trial

    in praise of Large Platform D

    I agree! So much so in fact that I have gone back to hoarding resin on Barren now that I don’t have to use floaty large rovers. And for only two aluminium each!
  5. time_trial

    Beacon Locator

    I prefer this idea over the full map + GPS that gets asked for. It should just be direction indicating, not the path you need to take to get to it. Definitely need to be able to use the compass from within the rover.
  6. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    They stated in the patch notes that they hadn’t finished with the new research system, so it will change again. We are play testing this part of it. As they release more items that can be unlocked, then the old RNG system would have gotten more and more frustrating. In this new way we can continue to unlock more things and there could be other benefits to doing so after all are unlocked. And researching is mainly part of early and mid-game play, I don’t think they need to find a way to make it needed throughout a play through.
  7. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    Now that we have the recent research update, I think it is time to invite attempts to a new challenge. I hereby declare the Megabyte Challenge open. You are required to collect at least 1,048,576 bytes in your catalog after all items have been unlocked. I am using this number instead of 1 million bytes for purely geeky reasons (it is 1024 squared, using base 2/binary). Please send any complaints about this number to Exo Dynamics directly. Extra kudos (but no prizes) for those who get the exact amount of bytes or very close to it. No restrictions imposed, use all available means to acquire the research chests necessary. Good luck!
  8. time_trial

    Improved Research 501

    +1 to both of these ideas.
  9. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

  10. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    Finally finished. Think I'll take a little break from this game and go play something else until the next content update lands.
  11. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    The gigabyte challenge?! You do still have to explore in order to acquire enough bytes to unlock things, and now you have control over what you get so that you will be able to choose a certain play style from the start. All I miss from the old system is the suspense of wondering what you were going to get. I don’t miss bringing back loads of chests and still not unlocking the Enclosed 1 Seat or Solar Panel which I really needed. Remember, this is just the first pass on this new system. The patch notes mentioned items that grant instant bytes and items that can’t be unlocked from the catalog but only found by exploring. I am sure it will be refined and improved.
  12. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    I’m generally happy to start a new game with each content update anyway. I don’t know if old saves will be compatible when the new base module changes are released, I expect not. Not a problem, gives me motivation to finish the job!
  13. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    Nice one! Kudos for getting it bang on, too.
  14. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    That's a good shortcut. I've just passed 800,000. Now back on Terran as the lag on Exotic was too much. Progress will slow this week but hoping to get back on the case next weekend.
  15. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    How are you powering all of that?! And did you dump hundreds of research chests there beforehand? Nice work regardless.
  16. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    That’s a lot of chambers to power! Good luck.
  17. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    I do have a fairly large base to hold the batteries and wind turbines needed to keep 4 research chambers going through the night. Might blow it all up when I leave for Terran, see if that helps.
  18. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    Quick update: making good progress stripping the forest on Exotic bare, but will need to start moving elsewhere soon. Lag is becoming an issue when driving around, so might move back to Terran for the next phase.
  19. time_trial

    A bit dry right now

    Have you watched the dev's Twitch streams? Always useful for some information on what they are working on and what to expect. Latest one was yesterday.
  20. time_trial

    "Research Update" - December 18th, 2017

    You can now hook those massive solar panels to base modules without needing a rover.
  21. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    I am getting some intermittent lag, mostly when driving around the research forest on Exotic or if I take off for Terran. It's not bad for the most part. Good luck.
  22. time_trial

    Christmas tethers ?

    Everyone gets this once a lot of tethers are deployed and kept activated. I always try to pick up ones I've finished with and reuse them elsewhere.
  23. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    I’m not getting much in the way of tech research pods at crash sites, think it would take me an age to do it on Terran. Good luck.
  24. time_trial

    Megabyte Challenge

    As some might suspect, I've already made a start on this. I had assumed only I would be interested in doing it, but decided to post the challenge anyway. Currently, I have 250,042 bytes and everything is unlocked. I'm going through a forest on Exotic having looted Barren already, 14 chests ready to hit the research chambers.
  25. time_trial

    Call-outs suggestion

    Definitely. They do get in the way, particularly when trying to select something off of a flattened medium storage. Maybe a double click or a long press to activate it?