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  1. Possible bug here but I'm not sure, what I do know is its frustrating to keep travelling to different planets to find different things to research so I can fully unlock all the research items and every time I research a new item it does the Russian roulette type thing and shows me the different images of the items I haven't unlocked yet but when it's done no text pops up to tell me what I was awarded and it seems like nothing new to make can be found, also if I research an old item it still gives me a random material, just the ones that could possibly unlock something new are apparently bugged
  2. I'm very keen on being able to customize my game experience to my liking, it wouldn't have to be super in depth or outrageously intuitive for that matter, give us the standard boy/girl to start with and add in a few different options for things like helm and helm color, suit and suit color, a way to maybe paint buildings and vehicles to make them unique just a few things like that would go a long way in my book. For the record though I like this game and it has a lot of potential. Thank you for allowing us to be apart of the development of it from the beginning, it's an honor
  3. I have never once been able to build on a flat surface, even after spending the first hour or more flattening the ground around my pod at the start of the game. I researched some tips and tricks how, looked at plenty of pics of others pretty, flat bases but every time I create a node it either goes up or down depending on what the one before it did, I'm super ocd and not having a flat base is causing my eye to twitch. Please fix this or if it's not a bug please impliment a way to guarantee flat bases on flat surfaces
  4. Please fix the tethers, im walking along my 10 mile tether line and accidently grab one and put it back down and suddenly the whole line is dead and im stuck in the middle of nowhere without enough oxygen to make it the ten miles back to home. Also tether related why does my stack of tethers on my pack sometimes attach themselves to something when im trying to move something else, most commonly happens for me on the trade thing, i go to take something off and my tether attached to it instead
  5. I'm not sure how but I think there should be a better way to deal with the nuisance of big rocks and other items than to dig a hole and bury them in it, maybe rocks and other solid items could be added to the "organics" category and just get sucked up like flowers and the like
  6. I would love to be able to play four player offline with friends or even two player offline then my wife and I wouldn't have to fight for game time
  7. Please allow us this option, with as easy as it is to accidently start a whole new game, also we need a better way of keeping track of which game save is which and to be able to delete our uh ohs
  8. What I mean by this is we need the ability to restructure our platforms and nodes in case of error or just boredom of how the base is laid out. I will give you an example on the error side of things, one of my very first plays of the game I made four platforms coming out from the starter habitat you get and I was unable to make any more platforms to continue making other buildings. And besides something like that I think it would be nice if I decided I didn't like a certain building in a certain spot I could destroy its plaform and re make it somewhere else
  9. I am on xbox one and every time I try to play the game I have to log out of my gamertag and log into the main gamertag on my xbox or it won't show me my saved games
  10. I'm on xbox one and at least three times I have been doing stuff in game and notice I lose control of my character and he becomes unresponsive to all buttons presses and stick movements on my controller to which I usually just reload the game. I have sat long enough once to watch my character die and respawn at habitat still unable to move and still unresponsive to my controller
  11. I can verify that I too have this issue on xbox 1 every time I load in