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  1. FIXED** for now at least. so the only thing i did even though i uninstalled and reinstalled two times is delete the folder that was still in steam even after the uninstall. rebooted computer and then reinstalled game again and now its working and still has my save game info which i assume is in the cloud anyway. so if anyone else has an issue, this worked for me.
  2. My only issue with reinstalling os is i haven't changed or installed anything at all for a long time. And this just started when astroneer uodated last. So its nothing i have did that im aware of. And it is the only game steam can not update. I have 2 hours on th he game. I guess I'll just put a refund request in through steam. See if i can get my money back. Shame cause i enjoy the game.
  3. says its verified but the same. "content file locked"
  4. where do i verify and integrity of the game cache?
  5. i have posted in steam forum with no answer at all. steam is trying to update my game but it says "content file locked" and will not update. and game will not run. i cleared my steam game cache, uninstalled and reinstalled game with no luck. it still says "content file locked" i have 3 hours into the game and steam will probably not refund my money which i dont want to do. i enjoy the game. but havent been able to play since last update Todd