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  1. Devious_Oatmeal


    The only real issue of permadeath would be when dealing with more than one player. Like... how does that work? You and a friend are playing, then one of you dies... Now what? I love permadeath, but how can you make it work with more than one player? At least in Don't Starve Together, they have you become a ghost and can be revived later on.
  2. Devious_Oatmeal

    The most OP thing in the game! (Clickbait title)

    I didn't say that at all. You should read the thread before saying stuff like that, rather than assuming something about it. It makes it hard to take what you say as anything but constructive or valid of understanding the topic. But to summarize. I love the tool. It would be neat if it didn't exist though.
  3. Devious_Oatmeal

    P.O.D the Personal Overhead Drone

    A good idea would be to update the ideas into the first post of this thread.
  4. Devious_Oatmeal

    Broken economy printing money

    It's practically just bones at this point. But we just need to see where the devs take it. At the moment, a lot of solutions have been brought up, so now we need to see what the devs decide on that best matches their view for the game as a whole. And since they are in the gray area of testing and final product, we may not see it solved for a good while. But that horse will keep getting beat though.
  5. Devious_Oatmeal

    Pausing in the Menu

    Part of the issue here is that everyone should have that option to pause. I imagine that eventually, they will have open servers in this game. And an admin tool does not solve the issue of everyone having that option. This was also somewhat of an issue in Don't Starve Together, as well as many other survival games that are multiplayer. You can't give everyone that option to pause, since grievers exist and it can And you can't just limit it to the host if there can be random people in your game. They need to pause at times as well, and leaving their ability to pause to the mercy of the host can bring up annoying circumstances, especially when the people playing aren't communicating. Buuuut... Luckily, in this game. Not much in it relies on time-sensitive mechanics or hazards. If you're in a habitat, then you're basically untouchable. So, technically speaking, you are in 'pause mode' only when in a habitat.
  6. Devious_Oatmeal

    Recall Rocket

    A rocket that takes you to your base isn't a basic navigational or survey tool.
  7. Devious_Oatmeal

    Fuel Condenser Improvement (With Tanks)

    I suppose the only real issue with this is the idea that those same tanks already hold oxygen. I assume you mean make a different kind of tank, rather than use the same tank as oxygen. Because currently, if you make a tank in the game, while near any tether or source of oxygen, it will automatically start filling.
  8. Devious_Oatmeal

    Pausing in the Menu

    This would be exploitable as players could just pause during a storm or other (Possibly future) hazards.
  9. Devious_Oatmeal

    Recall Rocket

    It would still eliminate the idea of getting lost. This idea is a kind of 'Dues Ex Machina' towards the idea of getting lost. It's never good to counter something that is planned, in a game. Assuming that getting lost is something they want players to become. And there are always exceptions, but with simple planning, this isn't something that a whole mechanic or machine should be added for.
  10. Devious_Oatmeal

    The most OP thing in the game! (Clickbait title)

    You are correct. The game would be very different gameplay-wise, as a powerful tool would be taken away, and a multitude of other machines and gadgets would replace every function of one machine. In the real world, this would be counter-intuitive, as a machine that can do soooo many jobs should stay. But, for a game, it is different. That's what I meant about players being 'spoiled' by the tool now. Since it exists, people will want it to stay due to it being so strong. They are used to it. All I am asking of anyone that sees this is, "What would happen if the terrain tool was taken out?" And "The game wouldn't work!" isn't a plausible answer. Anything the tool would do, would now be open for designs and other solutions, be them new mechanics, tools, or twists on current things. But, this isn't necessary. Like I said. I wouldn't mind if the tool stayed, since it's a lot of fun to use.
  11. Devious_Oatmeal

    The most OP thing in the game! (Clickbait title)

    Yes. I mentioned all this. I am aware of how great the tool is, and I love it. That is why I am split on the idea of taking it out. Development-speaking, it solves so many problems for the devs in solving other problems. It is a very versatile tool and I have no issue with it staying in the game. I am not saying it NEEDS to be taken out. I am just saying that its existence in the game feels a little restrictive in a way. As for the vacuum being the game, well... No, not really. It is a large part of the game, yes -which may be due to how powerful it is- but the game itself has merits in many other facets, and saying that the vacuum is what makes it so unique is kind of an insult to the game itself. There's a lot more to this game than a vacuum. As I also stated, my reasoning for taking it out -or at the least making it a researchable item- is because it is so powerful. The tool is so good, in fact, that it limits ideas for the game. Nets or ropes to climb down in caves? The vacuum can make ramps. Dig down through the ground with a large vehicle or thing? The vacuum can make large holes and does not need a bulky machine. Need a cave quickly without needing to find an entrance from exploration? Just dig down until you find one. Mechanics where you can build bases and walls? Use the flatten tool for some Flintstone buildings. See something up high on a mountain and need something to scale it? Use the vacuum to tear a path into the side.
  12. Devious_Oatmeal

    Recall Rocket

    This would eliminate the whole idea of getting lost though.
  13. Devious_Oatmeal


    They are planning on adding this.
  14. Devious_Oatmeal

    Fuel Condenser Improvement (With Tanks)

    Do you mean; The player makes tanks (Out of Titanium), attaches them to the condenser (Max 3), and then the fuel fills those tanks? Or do you mean that the condenser itself makes tanks?
  15. Devious_Oatmeal

    UI for trade ports, storage, etc...

    They want a very minimalistic design for the UI. That is why things like the backpack and items on structures don't open up to UIs. Plus... They have admitted that they aren't very experienced with UI elements.