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  1. thebobinc

    Win xbox fps.

    well on regular VCR xbox one it don't change much , and this is forcing yourself to play with a nuzlocke ( handicap ) not the way the game was intended to be , for the atmospheric condenser you can just put it over an none available gas on the planet to stop it noise and seem to help my lag a little , the fact the camera is always aiming i thing is a main issue , when you walk and it always show tether/research marker , it should be showing them only when we hold LT , i'm sure that would help ALOT
  2. thebobinc

    (spoilers) Glacio Gateway Engine Locked

    i take for granted you already power it with enough power on the surface ? i had to go back on the top node on atrox to like reset it after the game crash , maybe give this a try, the light were on but the central platform was back up covering the floating ball as soon i a got closer it went back to normal
  3. thebobinc

    [] - [Xbox] - [Crash during ending]

    different guy , same story , but manage to get further into the cut scene but ultimately crash at the end of the credit and back to dashboard , tried 5 time.
  4. thebobinc

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    can't watch end game cut seen on xbox game crash , game crash several time while going for the last core , 5 week after release can't watch end game cut scene , really need a lawyer to step in for the entire xbox community
  5. thebobinc

    [] - [Xbox] - [VERY Low Framerate]

    i have not try a new save because tired of starting back to 0 , but save that where made prior or after 1.0.4 seem to be little better , but after a few minutes it get back to interactive slide-show, game made on 1.0.9 ran better before that update , tether system is totally broken on my save made on 1.0.4 have to replace every tether... so much for '' we delay because we don't want to break save ''
  6. thebobinc

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    well , fps are still a big issue, on glacio it's very bad, going down to the core slow down the game to unplayable state again , how many save will we have to start back , it's to believe that when you state to delay update to ensure you don't break save game it is the total opposite , my save started on 1.0.9 was better before this update , other save prior seem better for 5 minutes then slow down again . i guess that patch was again for the PC and Xbox was left behind explaining why the no mention of XBOX in the OP .
  7. thebobinc

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    just tested the update , one of my previous save made in update the entire tether network is broken have to replace all tether one by one , but other save made prior or after update tether network are fine
  8. thebobinc

    Patch - March 13th, 2019

    about time , let's see if the update show up and test all those optimization, got my fair share of doubt i must say
  9. thebobinc


    ouff what a bottleneck you are doing to your system, fx processor and gtx 1070ti are not meant to be together , but your framerate issue is due to the game being very poorly optimize and nothing else
  10. thebobinc

    Patch 1.09 xbox

    ehh you mean tuesday ? because the liar just told people that they will push it for certification on monday, to be out tuesday stating that they had to delay because they could have break save game . so much BS again trying to temper people with lies , @ SES_Joe maybe apply for POTUS communication director next ?
  11. thebobinc

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    well they stop acting like indy-dev went they took the decision of releasing the game as it was , they said in the video that they were aware of the issue on console but had ETA to respect, that how AAA studio act , calling for Joe to step down , he don't do the communication he is supposed to , just the live stream they host was posted here by a regular member that stated that like usual it was not post on the forum , 100+ days they have not updated the xbox community , so i think to ask for a change is not unreasonable . Again they knew about the game performing poorly on xbox and decided to go ahead with the launch still. People need to stop being the dev wet wipe it's been 1 month that the game is out ...
  12. In the woke HBO story should the dance be remove/replace from the game ?
  13. thebobinc

    Trapped on Moon

    you will need to dig down into cave, 2 or 3 level down or more and you should be able to find laterite , make sure to stock up on compound for tether because you will need alot
  14. thebobinc

    [Patch 1.0.9] XBOX ONE X - Game crash on saving

    on your xbox , community tab , official announcement are made there , update , info , general communication...
  15. thebobinc

    Patch 1.0.9 - March 1, 2019

    but yet they have time to watch the Pokemon even , opening new tab to build a new pc , go to the movie , but have no time to post on the Xbox community Hub , watch their twitter you will see , i'm calling for Joe to step down if no apologies are given .