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  1. Because it still run at 5 fps .... every update youtuber bragged about the fps improvement how good the fps are , have you seen this on xbox ? hell no we saw the opposite 99% of the time , is it more clear now why one of the two think that xbox player are ignore ?
  2. i don't pretend to have tested this update , like you said it is not out on Xbox yet , but i was more referring to the fact that the change log in the OP don't mention any fix for xbox , nothing mention about xbox fps increase , so i wont even bother testing it , i pretty much quit the game 1 month ago after testing the last update and don't intend to come back , now that game is in the game pass on xbox the whining should reach a new level . followed by more ostrich liked behavior from SES
  3. meanwhile xbox players still have a 5 fps experience . way to go System Era adding stuff without addressing Xbox issue once again so pathetic
  4. I used to be an Astroneer just like you , then i took an arrow ( xbox 5fps) to the knee...
  5. it's little better then before , you gain maybe an extra 5fps , it seem to lag a little less but in a game with a large base it still fall in the 5fps , in vehicle in went from 3 fps to maybe a 10 fps at time but not for long . as soon i get to the mantle level of the planet it drop down again to 5 fps , is it just me or the game seem a little more dark then before , render distance seem shorter as well , the render did not affect my gameplay but i realize that i use to see my tether line from further before . the smelter will not auto feed unless you place one piece directly on the space to smelt it , then it will auto feed the rest one by one , power consumption also seem off , i never had issue using drill mod , booster mod and wide mod together when attach to a tether line or rover that have a rtg , now i keep running out of power and have to way to recharge
  6. well they remove their post , i saw at 4 pm they unlock 3 other achievement and they also remove those , guess they don't like people comment calling it ironic to see them finally playing their game on xbox , well i jump in the first week the game came to game preview on xbox , until the full release i never complain about how the game ran , but that's 3 month ago that the full release happen , and as far has i'm concern you can't still play the endgame cut-scene without getting kick out to dashboard because the game crashed . that is beyond patience now . the roadmap unless it change last week never mention anything about Xbox player having to endure 5fps gameplay , Discord , twitter , the forum , it's only ever mention about the steam player base when they post something , and how many account should i need to follow these guy ? and why do i have to be into social media to be keep up to date ? the small dev team excuse don't work anymore , they sold more then a million copy of the game , at 25$ a piece , for 20 dev , they're all into the 1% now like Bernie say , so they can hire more then 3 new engineer to fix the issue . And when ever they mention Xbox player it's follow with a lie , like on April 19 in the April 15 update patch note on twitter, when Joe said he can launch a game on Xbox One X and cannot recreate slowdown or crashes , mention it must be something very wrong with the save , must have spawn 1000 of object ??? weird, just by holding the camera on the joystick in one direction when launching a new save it start to drop frame and spike , not having exit the drop ship yet ! Last playing another game while they fix this one , is like telling my boss to not worry about the fact he ask me to come in at 8 am and i show up at 10 am , and reply don't worry boss in the end company will make profit at the end of the year so it doesn't matter if i showed up 2 hours late.
  7. what is not clear ? if you own the game on xbox then in the official club of the game you will see that there were 2 news posting , 2 achievement unlock , before that the previous communication or post on that club dated 174 days ago , and those 2 achievement unlock that pop up are from Astroneer System Era directly because no one else can make a new post in that club or post something . and M$ server at fault ?
  8. on xbox we have what is call game Official club/hub , and for the last 174 days it's was a ghost town , no update , no post nothing , and yesterday all of the sudden we see 2 post , 2 achievement unlocked , so they finally have launch the game on an original xbox , and from what i can see they have not played for long otherwise other achievement would have been unlock ... probably realize that the game don't run as they claim it to be.
  9. well i guess since they unlock their first two achievement on Xbox One 7 hours ago that it must be delayed loll , they only switch suit , and joint a multiplayer game , not spent 4 hours for the other multiplayer achievement or neither going to the center of the planet . so much for the we test on console that they claim for month now . i would not put my hope too high if i were you
  10. Loll , after month claiming they test on console , Astroneer just unlock their two first achievement on Xbox One 7 hours ago , they switch suit , and join a multiplayer game ( not the 4 hours spent in a multiplayer game, wonder why ? ) , so much for the '' we test the game on console '' . so maybe now we will finally see real improvement make for Xbox player .
  11. xbox don't get love they just want our money , bunch of liar dev claiming to test on console but will ever only mention xbox one x , like if it was even a thing when they started development for xbox one , this game is pure trash on console and they don't care .
  12. one month for this crap ? game again run worse that it use to and it was already miserable , and you got the guts to ask us to vote for this as game of the year ? you got to be kidding me ! how long will it take for this game to even work ? this is the worse purchase i ever made and i did purchase superman 64 back in the day so shame on you that i consider that better that your game. ''we tested on xbox '' who do you think you're fooling , this is a slide-show at best and it's been 2 months that the game is officially out ? time to WAKE THE F*** UP
  13. can i trigger you a little ? they won an award at the SXSW for Gamer Voice... so i guess this week and next week with GDC will be tap-tap on the back time for them , no update for Xbox user until April probably .
  14. thebobinc

    Win xbox fps.

    well on regular VCR xbox one it don't change much , and this is forcing yourself to play with a nuzlocke ( handicap ) not the way the game was intended to be , for the atmospheric condenser you can just put it over an none available gas on the planet to stop it noise and seem to help my lag a little , the fact the camera is always aiming i thing is a main issue , when you walk and it always show tether/research marker , it should be showing them only when we hold LT , i'm sure that would help ALOT
  15. i take for granted you already power it with enough power on the surface ? i had to go back on the top node on atrox to like reset it after the game crash , maybe give this a try, the light were on but the central platform was back up covering the floating ball as soon i a got closer it went back to normal