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  1. I created a exo request platform on Sylva and played with it enough to unlock all the cosmetic rewards and one care package. I then traveled to Atrox built a new base and a new exo request platform. Now every time I open the interface it tells me I have rewards to claim and when I send the rocket up it comes back loaded.
  2. Same on the Steam version it seems to be a area of effect issue. In my experience If you are near the power source when it starts generating it will charge things but if you are more than about 2 tether lengths away OR are in a hab or vehicle when the charging starts no energy gets transmitted. Wind turbines have the same bug. It's super annoying to be driving along in your truck with the wind vanes going full speed then come to a stop because you ran out of energy..
  3. I think there was someone who was trying to erase the moon. He gave up after awhile because the lag was intense.
  4. You actually can do that to some extent. You have to break it down into small pieces so it will go into the filastruder most people I know who are doing it use a modified shredder or a blender/food processor. There is a limit to the number of times you can reuse the plastic though so it's recommended you mix your recycled plastic with new plastic pellets. https://www.filastruder.com/
  5. We are getting hit by a bot for some Korean casino in the general forums. So I do what any sensible person does and hit ignore to block them. I then go back to the General Forum and while their posts are blocked the topics they create are still visible.
  6. it's a thruster you can attach it to your rover and put some hydrazine in at and go zoom.
  7. This is a known bug the vehicles either glitch underground or launch off into space see. Since everything disappeared I am betting on space. Keep an eye on the sky if you can get close enough they will fall back down. Other than that try logging out then back in sometimes they have glitched back for me.
  8. This is a common issue and as far as I can tell there is no way out. It might be fixed after the next update. The Key elements seem to be a habitat that is sitting on the ground but not yet deployed, and A lack of the deploy habitat button above the habitat. In the future a one seat vehicle gives you the same safety as the habitat and doesn't have any glitches. Also habitats on vehicles don't seem to have any problems.
  9. The 660 is a fairly old card almost 5 years the first thing I would do is make sure you have the most up to date drivers from Nvidia (and check your mb drivers as well). Sometimes the Microsoft supplied drivers are older versions and buggy. After that it sounds like you have done everything else already and the only thing left to do is replace the card. Depending on the vendor you might still be under warranty.
  10. Getting it back on is unlikely unless you haven't saved in awhile (before it glitched off) and are willing to give up all your progress and load a old save. Getting rid of it might be as easy as pushing it with a truck..if the truck doesn't work try picking up a tether and using that to shove it around. Then dig a hole a cover it up.
  11. Yes right now the game isn't very optimized so it's a resource hog. 4gb is barely enough to run windows 10 so Astoneer is choking out on the scraps left over.
  12. You can cut some of the wait time down by jumping to Radiated it orbits the fastest and usually gets into range of all the planets within 5 minutes or so. It does take a bit more fuel. The other option is to watch the sky when the planets are near they get huge then you go take off and hop over there.
  13. Got tired of getting hit upside the head with flying blocks so I built a bunker. I
  14. I wouldn't mind the controls if there was a way to go into first person view. Half the time my camera is clipped inside the load or the crane or whatever I just passed..it's become a game of Aim at what you are heading to and pray..